Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's November!!

I'm really excited for it to be November because that means that it's my last month of nursing classes!! I'm in an accelerated second degree BSN program, which means that everyone in my program has a prior bachelors degree in something else, then we all decided that we wanted to be nurses. They took a two year program and crammed it into one year, so it's been a busy 2008 for me. We take our last finals right before Thanksgiving, and then in December we have "role transition" where we work one-on-one with a nurse to help transition us into being nurses on our own. I'm still waiting to find out what area of the hospital I'm working, but I'm really hoping for the emergency room or an intensive care unit.

Anyway! Onto running. I did a long run of twelve miles yesterday, and since I went running in the afternoon, I thought I would run into a lot of trick or treaters. It was gorgeous here...almost 70! Not too many kids out trick or treating, but I did get to see some princesses and lions. I didn't really do anything for of my friends wanted to go to a haunted house, but we just ended up going out to dinner...Buffalo Wild Wings! :)

My run: 12 miles in 1:35:40, average pace of 7:56. Felt good, tried to keep the miles above 8:00 for the sake of the long run, but I just went with it.

I ran five miles today after work...average pace of 7:58, tried to keep it easy.

Total mileage for the week: 35.5! I'm still deciding on a spring marathon, but it looks like I've got a pretty good base going so far.

Time for some studying and/or paper writing...we'll see how motivated I am tonight!
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