Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's 6:30 and dark outside...

...and I don't want to think about what it will be like after daylight savings! I appreciate the extra hour of sleep, and I will enjoy the fact that it won't be dark when I leave for school. However, I like to run when I get back from school/clinical, and I usually get home around it will be dark around then! Not good, especially since that means that winter is nearing, and I am definitely a summer person.

No run yesterday...I have twelve hour clinicals* on Tuesdays, so between clinical time and my commute, running isn't the best option. Additionally, we don't really have time to sit around during the twelve hours, sooo that's a bit of a workout in itself...or at least it's kind of tiring! I had an awesome day yesterday, as we were shadowing in the ICU. My nurse was awesome, and I really like the environment of the ICU...hoping to get a job in an ICU or ER after graduation!

I was exhausted from being so busy lately in addition to clinical, and I ended up getting ten hours of sleep last night...fantastic! I haven't gotten that much sleep in awhile, so it felt pretty good. I did a little over six miles when I got home from school today, which felt pretty good at an average pace of 7:40. It got up to 50 so it's still shorts weather! Excited about that. I'm thinking about a spring marathon, so I'm on the lookout for which one would be good...still have to do my research!

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