Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year!! Let me tell one is more excited than me that 2008 is OVER. I started nursing school in January 2008, and it was full speed until Christmas. It was both the slowest and fastest year I've ever had...if you had asked me in March if I ever thought it would end, I would have said never! However, I made it and graduation is on January 9th, which will be super exciting to see everyone all dressed up and to see their families that I've heard about throughout the year.

Currently on the hunt for a job, which isn't going so well despite the fact that everyone still believes that there is a nursing shortage. Not quite the case with the current economy, so I'm hoping that January will bring more luck for my job search.

Onto running! I'm looking at running a marathon in May, but which one is yet to be determined, so I kind of started "training" just in case I decide to go with a May 3rd marathon. Currently in the running are the New Jersey Marathon, the Poconos Marathon, and the Delaware Marathon. Since my base mileage isn't too high due to the craziness of December, I'm currently going with Hal Higdon's Intermediate I plan. I used his novice plan for both of my previous marathons and they turned out alright, so we'll stick with that for now.

That being said, here are my runs for the week!

Monday, 12/29
4.04 miles in 32:01, average pace of 7:56

Tuesday, 12/30
5.05 miles in 39:36, average pace of 7:50
I had take my parents' car into the mechanic, but no one was around to take I just ran back. Look how convenient running is. :)

Wednesday, 12/31 - NYE!
3.04 miles in 23:51, average pace of 7:50

Thursday, 1/1 - First run of the new year, supposed to be at "marathon pace," and I haven't figured out what that is yet...
5.11 miles in 38:39, average pace of 7:34

Sunday, 1/4 - First long run!
8.06 miles in 1:04:30, average pace of 8:00

Totals for the week!
25.30 miles in 3:18:37, average pace of 7:51...woo!

That's all for now...

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