Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Live from Princeton

I am now reporting from Princeton, NJ, home to my glorious boyfriend James, the rocket scientist to be. I flew into Philly this morning and we checked out some of the apartments that I was looking at online, and we're going to see them from the inside tomorrow night. We just wanted to get a better idea of the neighborhoods, so that was a good way to spend the morning.

Just to add to my stress level, when we were driving out to Princeton, I got a phone call from the place where I am interviewing tomorrow, and they asked if I could reschedule for next week...yikes! I called them back and told that I was in from out of town, so after a couple hours of waiting to hear back from them, I'm still on for tomorrow. I'm thinking it was a test to see how I handle deviations in plans (after all, that's what nursing is all about!)...but I don't think that was the case. Anyway, continue to think positive, confident thoughts for me tomorrow!

Boyfriend and I are planning on running a spring marathon together, but being apart we don't really get the chance to run together much. We ran together a fair amount in college, but it's been awhile. Today three miles was the plan, which went well. If you read my previous post, you would know that I despise three miles runs! But it was still quick and now it's over with, so that works for me. However, let it be known that it is currently warmer in Chicago than it is here...only a few degrees, but I'll take whatever I can get. Summer can't come soon enough!

Alright, run recap:

Wednesday, January 21
3.1 miles in 24:40, avg pace of 7:58

Alright, time to relax and mentally prepare for tomorrow because I WILL be confident and positive and have awesome answers so I can let them know what an amazing nurse I will be and how I will be an asset to the unit. Fingers crossed!!