Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's warmer in Antarctica

Current temperature in Chicago: -10F (without wind chill...-29 with wind chill)
Current temperature in Antarctica: 37F (24 with wind chill)

I understand that Antarctica is currently in its "warm season," but really...this is a bit absurd. Schools were canceled today because of the cold! However, let me assure you that I was at work at 5:30am, getting ready to serve you pancakes. People must eat...and we have really good pancakes.

The Chicago Tribune posed the question Why do we live here? and got some interesting answers. I personally liked the answer about calling home to say it's "cold" and about having to "put on a windbreaker." My kind of weather! I think that the summers/springs/falls are so nice that we forget how awful winter is, even if it manages to last for six months out of the it did last year, I promise.

Anyway, I may be crazy on occasion, but I'm not insane, so no, I didn't even bother trying to run today. Three miles was the plan for today, but I like my toes too much to lose them over a little three mile run.

Or I'm just a wimp.

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  1. What is the deal with schools being canceled just because it's cold? I never heard of such a thing.