Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The beach that was not

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend!! I had a great time at the beach with my friends from college. I'd never been to Ocean City, Maryland before, despite always saying that we needed to go when I was in college. Minus the weather that didn't necessarily cooperate, it was so fun! Since all three girls had cameras, I gave up on trying to take the same pictures as everyone else (how annoying does that get??), so I'll post some pictures when I can nab them from my friends.

We arrived on Saturday evening, and we cooked some dinner at the condo we were staying at to save some cash. After a little drinking later that evening (also to save some cash!), we headed out since it was going to be our one friend's birthday at midnight! Since I was never a huge bar person in college, nor am I currently a big bar person, I kind of forgot what it was like, especially in what I would think is a spring break-y situation. Random guys bought all three of us drinks because it was our friend's birthday, and OF COURSE my roommate knew a gazillion people at the bar because that's what she does. Wherever she goes. I kid you not. (I usually sit there and say...Ummmm I'm from Chicago, so you probably don't know the name of my high school.)

Side note #1: I had to pause when someone asks me where I'm from. The first time, I stuttered, "Umm, uh, Pennsylvania?" Which TOTALLY didn't sound right. But I'm not currently from Chicago. I'm from Chicago but live in PA? This is confusing.

Side note #2: Apparently the thing to do if you're a guy trying to pick up girls is to hand out your business card. Does this strike anyone else as really odd? I do not understand it. Moving on.

The beach would have been much more fantastic if it, you know, was actually sunny! On Sunday we bailed early on the beach and headed to this bar in the afternoon that is basically a bar on the beach. As in, you can sit on inflatable rafts in the bay and they will bring you drinks. It really is quite fun! I never went on "spring break," so I would imagine this is what it would be like. However, I am not a huge drinker so I don't think I could have carried on for an entire week.

Monday was another failed beach attempt since it POURED on and off all day. We tried to wait it out, but it was hopeless. We wandered down to the boardwalk, which is also much less exciting in the rain. Finally we headed home, which took an hour longer than on the way there due to rain and the mass exodus (my favorite word!) of everyone from the little town of Ocean City.

Now, if I was a good little runner, I would have brought my shoes, etc, but I did not. I decided to take off Sunday and Monday and enjoy the holiday slash I thought we would be laying on the beach all weekend. Oops?

Back to work! I could NOT fall asleep/stay asleep last night, which was miserable since I knew I would be tired all day. Luckily nursing week two is going okay so far, but I was a busy, busy bee after work! Life on your own is definitely eventful, as it's not someone else's turn to do laundry, or someone else isn't there to make sure that the stove doesn't burn the house down while you shower and simultaneously cook rice. Live and learn. I think I'll make it.

ANYWAY. I ran today! Yay! I decided to embrace the hills, and I did quite well with them. Even in the cold rain that hit my area of Pennsylvania. I was soaked by the end of the run, but overall it felt good and I think I did well on the hills.

Tuesday, May 26
5.08 miles in 39:34, avg pace of 7:48

The downhills help to make up a little for the uphills, which is a nice combination. After drying off a little when I got home, I did some crunches, push ups, and a little weight lifting routine that I made up. I'm thinking that strength training + hills will be a nice addition to my running routine, and will hopefully be beneficial for upcoming marathons. (Hills for Boston?? Yes.) Also, abs of steel are a nice goal as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of May...it will be June so soon! This year is flying.


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend with your friends. :) Great run too, way to embrace the hills! It will make you a stronger runner for sure.

  2. You sure seem to be embracing the hills well! Your times are still awesome!! Glad you had a good holiday weekend despite the weather!!

  3. Boo, sorry that your beach weather was sub-par, especially the rain! (It's cold here, but not rainy, fortunately.)

    Great run! Look at you, missy, tackling those hills!

  4. The weather did stink for the beach this weekend. But, glad you had fun. I was never a big bar person either. It always seemed like too much drama and too many people acting fake.

    Glad to hear you are making it on your own. Things will settle down once you get in to a routine.

  5. Bummer the weather wasn't more beach-friendly. Still sounds like you and your friends had a fun time...and uh, if a guy handed me a business card, I would think he's kind of a tool!

    Great hilly run!!

  6. Aw I love Seacrets! I was there last Thursday!

  7. sounds like a GREAT trip :) business cards mean business haha NOT fun. living on your own must be hard but atleast you get a lot of "me" time haha. you should trek your way to NY to run the NY marathon!