Thursday, August 13, 2009


I totally jinxed myself yesterday. Work was not easy at all! All of my patients had pain control issues, and a couple of them were having trouble with their pain either made them very nauseated or they didn't like the way it made them feel. I could go into the really annoying stuff that happened (if you have to go to the bathroom and it takes ten minutes to get you there, don't wait to call me until you can't hold it any longer!), but I'll contain myself.

I will say one thing though...if you are three-four times my size, I cannot pull you out of bed. I like my back and would like to keep it.

To end work on a good note, one of my patients bought me a Diet Coke. He really wanted one, and I told him that if I went down and bought myself one, I'd get him one. He ended up walking to the vending machine himself and came back with two...he said it was the least he could do for putting up with him! Fantastic.

Although I got off work around 1:30 last night, I dragged myself out of bed at nine and hit the road for ten miles. It actually cooled down a little bit and was cloudy, so the weather conditions were quite nice for ten miles. It rained a bit overnight so the trail was wet, which usually means that fewer people are on I didn't see too many people. However, I did pass two guys going the opposite direction right before my turnaround point, so I was about a minute behind them then when I turned. I could see them ahead of when I turned around, and I really wanted to catch them, but I knew I shouldn't sprint or anything. I held my pace and slowly caught them a little over a mile later. It happened to be right at the top of a hill, and the one guy took of his head phones and we had the following conversation:

Him: Now you're embarrassing me!
Me: Haha I do what I can! (or something equally dumb)
Him: Are you a school teacher? (I mean...not many young people are running at 11am on a Thursday)
Me: No, I'm a nurse.
Him: I may need you in ten minutes!
Me: Keep me posted!

And then I continued on my way. Looking back, maybe I should have tried to stay with them for a little bit...they were probably running 8:45-9:00 miles, and if they were out running now (teachers?), maybe I could have a running buddy? They didn't look too old (30's?), so it could have worked. I'm shy so I'm not one to do that, but I'll have to remember if I see them again.

Thursday, August 13
10.04 miles in 1:22:08, avg pace of 8:11

Time for some final packing and then off to work...and of course Boston tomorrow for the Healthy Living Summit!! Sarah and I (and maybe a few others?) are meeting for a run on Saturday morning, which should make for a great start to Saturday! I'll definitely be blogging about everything when I get home...I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. Hi! What time are you running on Saturday? I had planned to get up at 6am to use the treadmill, but I'd love to run with other people! I'll introduce myself tomorrow night :)

  2. Great run! Hope you have a fabulous time in Boston!

  3. I'm so desperate for a running partner, I've thought of making up "running cards" business cards w/running info on them to hand out to people I chat with/see frequently on my run. It'd be such a GREAT idea if it wouldn't be suuuuuuper creepy in execution. :p

  4. ha - I bet you see them out again. It is fun to have a few running buddies!

    have fun in Boston!!!

  5. Ha! I love your recap of your convo with them! That would be cool if they could be new running buddies.

    Have fun at the summit!

  6. Haha I love Jeri's running cards idea!

    I got one word for your patients with "pain management" issues: propofol. just kiddin! you SO rock that job, I am envious!

    Have fun in Boston and enjoy running with the meetup gang!

  7. PS: And I LOVE that you chicked those guys! Awesome!

  8. That sounds like a great run, chicking is such a confidence booster! Have fun at the summit!

  9. Woohoo, way to show those guys up!

    Sorry work was rough! At least one patient appreciated all your hard work.

  10. Very sweet of your patient. Sometimes it is just the little things that can make your day a bit brighter.

    Have a blast in Boston.

  11. Hope you're having a blast at the Healthy Living Summit! I'm jealous - it sounds pretty cool.

  12. It's shocking when you have a pleasant patient interaction for a change isn't it? It makes the crap you have to go through to care for them a little bit more tolerable...sometimes.

    Great job chicking! Although if those guys knew they'd be the subject of this post, I wonder if they could've or would've stepped it up a notch? Maybe?

    Have fun in Boston, enjoy the meeting and have a good weekend!

  13. How sweet that you got a diet coke. Good luck in Boston. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  14. Haha, I love the conversation! You need faster running buddies though. ;)

    You're doing such a great job adjusting to the work routine. I'm so impressed! Keep up the good work. :)

  15. Hope you had a great Boston getaway!

  16. A lot of my personal training clients have pain control issues as well. ;)

  17. Sorry work was rough. :-( I'm glad you got in a run before you left, though!

    Hope you're enjoying the healthy living summit. I wish I could be there, too! Don't think I'm creepy, but I saw you in one of Kath's photos I think! :-)