Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shoe Love

Sooo I have yet to do my recap of the Healthy Living Summit, but I figured I should at least post about my runs!  As soon as I sit down to blog, I realize that I don’t have enough time to do my recap justice.  Tomorrow, I promise!

Friday was a rest day…driving to Boston + the cocktail party!  Woo!  I will say that I got extremely excited when we drove past a sign for Hopkinton.  I can’t wait for the Boston Marathon next year!!

On Saturday, I woke up bright and early for a run with Sarah from ghost world.  We agreed to meet at 6am to get in a run before the Summit, and when I told the Rocket Scientist this, he looked at me like I was nuts!  Since I work the evening shift, I haven’t seen 6am since I started on evenings.  I consider waking up before nine “early.”  Therefore, I took a picture to prove that yes, I can wake up before six.

Healthy Living Summit 2009 011

Take that!

I had an awesome run with Sarah, and we actually did the first fifteen-ish minutes with Caitlin, Meghann, and Kath!  They were heading out just as we were, so we all headed to the Charles together.  We took it slow (as I promised I would!), and it was an awesome run!  It was cool and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.  It felt awesome to be running along the Charles in Boston…I could totally move there.  The five of us ran together until the three planners headed back, and then it was just Sarah and me!  We decided on doing eight miles, which led us along the Charles and then back through Boston University.  My garmin didn’t end up picking up signal, but Sarah had a Polar foot pod, so we were good to go!  It was so much fun to run with her…I felt like I knew her even though we’d never met before!

Saturday, August 15
8 miles in 1:12:00-ish, avg pace of about 9:00

Sunday was another rest day, visiting with my friend from college and then driving back home.  Since we did eight miles on Saturday, and I was scheduled for 4 with a long run of 15 on Sunday (which I obviously didn’t do), I decided to just get the miles in and do 11 on Monday.  It was TOASTY.  I decided to carry a water bottle with me, which turned out to be a good plan.  The water fountain was about at the halfway point, so I filled it up when I got there.  Worked out perfect!  Carrying a water bottle didn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would, so I’ll definitely be doing this in our final days of summer when it’s hot out!

Monday, August 17
11.04 miles in 1:30:13, avg pace of 8:10

I really didn’t want to do a tempo run (as scheduled) the day after a long-ish run, so I was just going to take today as a rest day and do my long run next Monday or something.  I’m working this weekend, so it doesn’t really matter which day I do the long run since I won’t have a day off until Tuesday.  However, I realized at about 11 that I could do my recovery run today and do my tempo run tomorrow…excellent!  Off to run.  Of course, it was almost 90 degrees when I decided this.  I figured it couldn’t be any worse than yesterday, so I grabbed a water bottle and headed out.  It actually wasn’t too bad…I think I do okay running in the heat, especially when I’m not trying to set any records!

Tuesday, August 18
5.20 miles in 43:55, avg pace of 8:26

Recovery runs should probably still be slower…working on it!

This run was awesome because I was able to take out my new pair of Brooks Adrenalines!  I bought two new pairs (one yellow, one blue!) at Sports Authority, as they were half price, so now I should be all set for marathon training.  I might need a new pair closer to the race, but I should be good for the next few months.

Adrenalines 001Adrenalines 002

Love them!  They look so pretty…I really like the yellow.

Off to work…I promise I will post my recap tomorrow!


  1. I've never tried Brooks shoes before, I'm an Asics girl, but I've also never heard of anyone so dedicated to them! I'll have to try out a pair next time I go to look for new shoes.

    Great to meet you this weekend!

  2. can't wait to hear the summit recap!!

  3. "It felt awesome to be running along the Charles in Boston…I could totally move there." - trust me.. the Charles gets boring.

    I'm with you on needing to keep my recovery runs in check some times. It really helps me to run with someone or a group that I know is slower than me.. that way I HAVE to take it at their pace! :)

  4. I really like the yellow Brooks!

    Sounds like a really nice time in Boston :)

  5. I didn't realize SA carries Brooks! Duh! I should buy my next pair there.

    I think it is so cool that you got to run with some new people. It's so fun!

  6. I wear Adrenaline's as well! We are shoe twins!

  7. I'm thinking about testing out a pair of Adrenaline's too, my Saucony's have definitely paid their dues. Way to get in an early run, sometimes I hate waking up super early for them but when I'm done I feel so much better, especially at the end of the day when I don't have to do it!

  8. Nice shoes and good recap! I love that picture of your alarm clock. Coincidentally, I got up before 6 today for my first early morning tempo run of the summer!

  9. My last pair of Brooks were the same exact ones, color and all. I love Brooks! They are even better when you get them on sale. Nice job on all the runs.

  10. pretty shoes! LOVED running with you -- if you ever need help going slowly and are near me, i can help you with that :)

  11. Holy smokes, girl! That is a whole lotta running ;) I was going to say, you were so lucky to run with those ladies. But then I thought, they were also lucky to run with you! I bet that was a fun group.

    Thanks for your comment on my fitness assessment post ;) I appreciate your thoughts on it :)

  12. Yay Brooks are my fave shoes! I need to get some new ones super soon. Love the yellow color of your Adrenalines. :-)