Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy birthday, Dad!

You know, Wednesday doesn't seem so bad when you didn't work on Monday and you're not working on Friday! That probably means that I'm going to have a terrible night at work since I just jinxed myself...we shall see. Twelve hour shifts seem like a pretty good idea most of the time...

I started packing for the Healthy Living exciting!! I think I way overpacked...and I'm not even done yet! Oh well. I'm leaving after work tomorrow to head to Princeton, and then the Rocket Scientist and I will drive up to Boston on Friday...woo! I'm extremely pumped to check out Mike's Pastry and JP Licks, both of which I hear are fantastic! I've been to Mike's before, so a return trip is definitely necessary. (What? This is a Healthy Living Summit? Oh dear.)

Five mile recovery run today...with half the run uphill, of course! Hills never feel like recovery, but I did a good job keeping the run slow slower...that is, um, until I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. Like pronto. But even then I didn't break an eight minute mile. Woo. My legs felt tired today...I think a little left over from my long run this weekend (which I should have run time, I promise). Either way, nice recovery run, even though I returned dripping in sweat. I miss runs like this in the winter, I promise.

Wednesday, August 12
5.15 miles in 43:49, avg pace of 8:31

Last, but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad! He's a young 62 today. Here's a picture from his birthday two years ago...

We went to Chevy's and they gave him a hat since it was his birthday...nice! I called him to wish him a happy birthday, and he said that they're having a "Lunch and Learn" at work today, so he didn't have to make his own birthday lunch...but he doubted they would have cake. I might have to have some for him...haha. Anyway, my dad is officially better than your dad (I will fight you on that one), so hopefully he gets cake one way or another.


  1. Happy Bday to your dad!

    Hope you have a great time at the summit. I wish I could go, but I just started my dietetic internship.

    Nice recovery run! :-) I am trying my best to adjust to the hot and humid temps of St. Louis.

  2. Have fun this weekend!

  3. Happy birthday to your daddy!! Have lots of fun this weekend at the summit! I wish I could be joining you guys!

  4. I love that photo of your dad! He looks so fun!

    Ugh. I hate it when I am running and have to go to the bathroom and there is none in sight!

  5. OOH when are you going to mike's? i want in! i agree we should coordinate saturday am -- maybe meeting @ 6? can you email me? the address is on my blog on the side :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    I really like Mike's, but it's always so crowded. And I never went to JP Lick's, but Herrell's (just off of Harvard Square) is awesome!

  7. ha, I'm bad about the "slow" pace for Long Runs too. but, eh, if I can finish the run and still feel good then it's okay right? :)

  8. That's funny about your dad being better than my dad. I think the exact same thing. :o) Happy birthday!