Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day off!

Let's start this post off by saying I've clocked out of work by 11:45 the past two nights. AMAZING. Getting home around midnight is a million times better than leaving at 1:30 in the morning. The past two weeks at work have been crazy...I really don't think it's safe for patients when I'm so busy that I can't even THINK about charting until report is given to the next shift. What else could I be missing during the shift, especially as a new nurse? These past two nights, I've only had four patients (well...five last night, but one was gone in the OR for about three hours). I personally think that there's a HUGE difference between managing four and five patients. I can do four...five starts to get a bit crazy, especially since our manager likes to work us on a skeleton staff and we don't usually have an aide. I'm on my own starting next week, which makes me nervous, but sometimes you just have to jump before you learn how to fly. (That's as poetic as I get.)

I'm still not entirely comfortable calling doctors. I hate the phone (in general), and everyone makes "calling the doctor" out to be a really big deal. Luckily they haven't made me cry yet, although I've been warned it will happen. Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong to have that as an expectation?


Nice run yesterday...a little cool, uphill for the first half, downhill for the second half. Evens out quite nicely. I ran by a local airport...as in, one landing strip for people's private planes. Since I lived so close to O'Hare when I lived outside Chicago, it wasn't unusual to see a plane (or two or three) in the sky at all times. Now I rarely see commercial planes and instead see small private planes, especially on the weekends.

Monday, July 6
6.15 miles in 48:06, avg pace of 7:49

I stayed up too late last night catching up The Bachelorette...I watched week 6, when Robbie, Tanner, and Jake got sent home. Still a more catching up to do...don't send any spoilers my way! Anyway, I woke up at 10:30, which is later than I planned, but since it's my day off, who cares? I ate breakfast and then just got back from an eight mile run.

Tuesday, July 7
8.08 miles in 1:02:42, avg pace of 7:45

I said hi to the bikers that I passed, but people rarely return the greeting...it's going to be my personal mission to make people on the trail more friendly. The highlight of my run was when a biker yelled, "You're gettin' going, girl!!" I'm not sure what it means, but he was enthusiastic and it sounded good to me! I've found that the more "hardcore" people look, the more likely they are to say hi. By "hardcore," I mean people who aren't just out for a random bike ride or seem as though they took up running yesterday. It doesn't matter how fast/slow they're going, but the more serious people seem more friendly. Just an observation, no clue if it has any merit.


I've been having weird dreams lately. During one, I dreamed that I gave someone a shot of insulin in their skull (what??) and then tried to document it like I gave it in the arm. Don't ask me where that came from, other than I'm a bit nervous about completely messing up when I'm on my own next week. My odd running related dream was that I ran the Wisconsin Marathon again, and I ran 3:12. I could possibly run 3:12 one day, but that would take some work. I'm hoping it's foreshadowing...

Time to enjoy my day off by reading in the sun. :) Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. Insulin shot in the head and I thought I had crazy dreams! I love when my neighbours give me a thumbs up when I'm out for my runs. I'm usually walking by there house though huffing and puffing but they think i'm doing a good job haha. Where do you do your nursing.. in a big hospital?

  2. Aww, I don't think calling doctors should be as traumatic as they make it. You're just doing your job, and trying to help patients. If a doctor makes you cry, he's an asshole. Plain and simple.

    Good job on your runs, though!! I think it's sad when people don't return the greeting, esp. when you're clearly working harder than them!! Sometimes I get so disappointed when I smile at people walking on a run, only to be returned with a stare. It's like, how much effort does it take?? Sad...

    I would've said hi back to you though! lol

  3. Haha the other night I dreamed I ran a marathon in 3:45. Truly only in my dreams lol.

  4. That's interesting that they won't say hi. I only see other runners on weekends, but usually they at least smile unless I'm in a crowded area where it would be too annoying to acknowledge everyone.

  5. Enjoy your day off today! I bet you need it with that hellish schedule!

  6. I haaaate the phone! I would HATE to call doctors too. I have been having some crazy dreams lately too, but I bet with your schedule and what you do you get some weird ones!

  7. The only bad part about calling the doctor is when the md has a horribly thick accent and you have to keep asking them to repeat it. ugh, it makes me feel so dumb because I can hear them getting mad, but damnit, I just have no idea what the hell they're saying sometimes! Obviously, it gets easier over time because you start to anticipate and already know what they're going to order.

  8. I've been having crazy dreams too. I bet yours are partially due to your new hours/sleep schedule. You're doing so great at your job btw! I bet you'll get more comfortable every day.

    Great runs! I love it when people are friendly so definitely you should spread the love. :)

  9. I like your observation that hardcore people tend to be friendlier when out on the runs. I'm going to look for some hardcore folk from now on. And if people don't wave to me, I'll just yell, "Well, you're not hardcore anyway!" as I pass. Yes, a plan!

  10. I've found that only runners return a "good morning" when I'm out running and only RARELY do bikers say anything except "on your LEFT!" Hah. Oh well, the less I have to talk, the more energy I have to run. ;) Great job on the runs speedster!

  11. Glad you've been getting out of work earlier. I can't even imagine what coming home at 1:30 am would be like.

    Hmm...because I'm super friendly when running, does that mean I'm hardcore? :-)

  12. I think you are going to be just fine on your own next week! Great job balancing work and running, especially with the hours your work.

    I don't know why it is so hard for others (runners/bikers) to smile, say hi or just give a hand wave.

  13. I think it's wrong to have crying as an expectation! I hope your first week by yourself goes well and you have 4 or less patients ;)

    3:12! That sounds like an awesome dream, especially compared to the first one!