Friday, July 17, 2009

Let the Marathon Training/Posting Begin!'s been a whole week since I posted!! Oops! I had a busy weekend in Princeton, and then when I got home on Monday, the video card on my computer was making dying noises, so I put in a new one that the Rocket Scientist got me from school. However, that didn't work with my internet (or something?), so I was without internet until just before heading to work on Tuesday. I ended up having to get a USB wireless thing, and it works MUCH better than the internal wireless card I originally bought. Back online! It was so weird to be without it, much like The Laminator. But now we're back. :)

Like I said, it was an eventful weekend! On Saturday, the Rocket Scientist and I dragged ourselves out for a hot, hot eight mile run. After driving from work on Friday night, I was tired and don't like to get out of bed early anyway, so we didn't leave until the early afternoon. Oops! RS does not do well in the heat, but we managed okay. I just wish there were more public water fountains! Most of our arguments tend to be around running, which is probably a good thing if that's all we have to "fight" about. He doesn't necessarily like the garmin nearly as much as I do...he goes by "feel" much more than I do. (Because I don't at all!) I think we'll make it.

Saturday, July 11
8.13 miles in 1:04:55, avg pace of 7:59

Saturday night was GUSTO 2009! It's a game that one of the grad students played in college, and it's basically drunken kickball. We divided into teams, East/South vs. West/Midwest/International, and then we played kickball. You get a point for traditionally scoring a run or for, of course, drinking a beer. It definitely gets interesting as the night goes on, and I think the West/Midwest sneaked out a victory by a few "runs." Being a native of Chicago, I played on the West/Midwest, so go us! :)

Sunday we headed to the driving range. To sum it up very quickly: I am not Tiger Woods. Done and done.

Onto this week! I will divide it into Running and Nursing so you can read the section of your choice...or both!


Let the marathon training begin! We are undecided about which marathon to do (kind of?), but we're leaning towards Richmond. We've also thrown the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon into the mix. Philly is a possibility, but RS thinks it might be too cold, and I'm probably working that weekend...I don't know how "switching weekends" works yet. We still have time to decide, although I would like to avoid the "sign up ten days before the marathon" that happened this spring...oh well! Either way, I've decided to go with the Pfitz 18/55 plan. I've used Hal Higdon's plans in the past, and it's time to step it up with some speedwork! Plus, I think it will be good to try a new technique/outlook and see what works best for me. I'm already in for Boston 2010, so it's time to experiment.

Monday started off with a train! I consider nursing to be "cross training," so, um, I guess it was a rest day for me. :) Tuesday, the real fun began! Seven miles with 10 x 100m strides. I want to keep the paces under wraps, not doing all my runs at the same speed...I did well, maintaining 8:05-8:10 until I got to the "strides" part, where my overall mile pace was 7:15. I just worked the strides into the 6th mile, leaving mile seven as more of "cool down" mile. I'm not sure if that's how you're supposed to do them...any Pfitz followers have some recommendations??

Tuesday, July 14
7.09 miles in 56:21, avg pace of 7:57

My next run was yesterday...nine miles! Only four runs this week, so they are a little on the longer side. Before heading out, it was partly cloudy and a little breezey so I thought it would be a nice run. WRONG. It was so toasty outside! I ended up trying a new route which ended up being very scenic, through some fancy, big house neighborhoods. Annnnnd HUGE HILLS. They never ended. I like to think I did well, only stopping when I realized that I missed a turn somehow and was lost. :) I retraced my steps and figured out where to go, but I ended up adding half a mile to my run. Oh well.

Thursday, July 16
9.51 miles in 1:17:13, avg pace of 8:07

And that was that. Good start so far!


Gahhhh first week on my own! I haven't cried yet, although I was close on Tuesday. I don't even currently remember what happened, but I know I didn't eat dinner (common theme). Oh! Now I remember. I started with five patients, then two went home. One took FOREVER to discharge and ate up and a bunch of time, and then I got an admission. Basically that amounts to an obscene amount of paperwork, and it's really hard to get organized, especially as a newbie and no real time to get organized. I think I got out around 1:15am.

Wednesday was good...busy, but good. Two patients on contact isolation, all four with accuchecks (blood sugar checks!). We rarely have a nursing assistant, and those accuchecks and just eat up your time! I ask a bajillion questions throughout the shift, so I feel bad for the nurses I'm working with. They assure me that I'm not bothering them and that it's good to ask questions. I still feel like nuisance.

Thursday was a train wreck. I had four patients to start, and then we got tons of admissions right at shift change. Being new, I managed to escape them at that time. However, in the first hour of being there, one patient's IV came out and another started to vomit. Behind from the get-go. I missed dinner again...I'm going to lose so much weight with this job, and that's not a good thing! Annnd a doctor that I called wasn't exactly pleasant and told me to tell the other nurses on the floor not to bother him tonight with requests like mine. I'm sorry that my patient was requesting something to help her sleep, but it's my job to call you and have you say yes or no. I'm not allowed to do that. Luckily the other two doctors I called were nice and (gasp!) professional, but I hate how one can ruin the reputation for the entire bunch. (I'm sure all my doctor readers are nice people!)

We had a nursing assistant last night, but with one for twenty patients, they just do vital signs and accuchecks, and I'm not sure it's enough to really reduce my workload as a nurse. At Rush, where I went to nursing school, the aides were awesome...They cleaned patients, helped them to the bathroom, etc. While I don't mind doing that, it's so nice to have an extra hand when two patients are ringing for you, or when one is in the bathroom and you can't just leave them there.

I keep asking the nurse who started a month before if it gets better, and she says it does. Other nurses on the floor tell me to give it a year. I hate feeling like I don't know what I'm doing and being frenzied all the time. Nursing is much harder than I ever thought it would be. One more night tonight, and I'm totally ready for the weekend.

I need to blog more often...thanks for reading my marathon of a post!


  1. Welcome back to you too! It really does feel totally weird not to blog for so long. Glad you had fun at Princeton...

    I have a few thoughts for you:
    Running - I've been using Pfitz off and on for a couple of years and I too have trouble adjusting to the strides workout too. Technically, you are suppose to do them after an easy run, running no more than 100m (which is shorter than you think) starting gradually and building up to top speed for a few seconds than slowing down. I use to have trouble getting warmup, speed, cooldown in 100m but it gets a bit better with practice.

    Nursing - Okay, no matter how busy it gets, please remember to eat. What I use to do as a resident was bring some energy bars and have them ready and available so if I'm stuck, i can still grab a bite. But it's definitely not good to go without eating. Stick with it though. It does get better.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Glad to hear that you had a fun time at Princeton! And I've heard good things about Pftiz! I hope the plan works well for you!

  3. Great runs! Yay for marathon training. You are always SUPER busy at work! I think you should just be an ICU nurse! I may be biast but I loved it and you only have 2 pts max!!

  4. i have trouble eating on the job sometimes, too, because of time constraints. typically i make up for it on my time off :) i've also become an expert at stashing snacks in my pockets to snarf if desperation ensues :)

    i would never yell at you for that request! all the dr. has to say is "sure, give them X" or "no, not a good idea." it takes FIVE SECONDS. that is the kind of call i don't mind at all.

  5. PS: JEALOUS of you marathon training. i know i shouldn't but i kind of want to.

  6. One of my best-est friends is a nurse, and like me, just can't seem to get time to site down and eat...I like superfood shakes (amazing meal giveaway is next week!...check out the one this week on Living Trust!) and raw vegan bars. I LOVE that sarah said she keeps food in her pocket. I almost always have homemade mix of cereal and nuts/granola in my pocket. Try Laughing Giraffee!

  7. Richmond marathon--that's my vote (still)!

    Oof, Nursing sounds rough and really stressful. Hang in there!

  8. YAY FOR MARATHON TRAINING! I still think you should do Chicago...

  9. you were BUSY girl! sounds like the training is gonna go good! i vote disney! haha even though thats not an option

  10. I just don't know how you do it! You are superwoman! With such a busy job like nursing and then getting all those miles in! Wow!

    Good luck with the new plan! :)

  11. It does get better! It just takes time! That is kind of ridiculous and unsafe to not have a tech though! I would be dead, too. sheesh!!

  12. Yay for starting up marathon training! :) Great job on the runs. :)

  13. You had a busy week! Sounds like you are doing well on your own with nursing. Can't wait to see what marathon you guys decide on and how training goes.

  14. Great runs. Especially with the heat and busy busy schedule.

  15. Sounds like you are working hard at your job. I'm an RN, and all I can say is keep it up, girl! I would keep Clif bars or something to stay fueled. my job is pretty low-stress, but I have to remind myself to go to the bathroom some days! Good luck with everything. :-)

  16. yay marathon training!!

    pfitz describes the strides at the bottom of this link pretty well:

    i typically do them in the last mile or 2... 100m is about .06 miles so i just increase speed during those and then come back down, and keep running and then do it again. they are fun!

  17. I am so happy to hear you are in for Boston!