Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let the Marathon Training Begin...for real this time!

Since we've officially decided to run the Philadelphia Marathon, marathon training got moved back a week, making this week the official start of training. Woo! Sooooo basically I'm doing the same thing I did last week. Good enough for me!

I went to bed around 2am last night...It seems that I go to bed about an hour and a half after I get off work, and I clocked out around 12:30. By the time I drive home, snack shove my face full of ice cream and animal crackers (need to work on that...), read some blogs/play on the internet, and get settled in to sleep, it's about 1.5 hours. The funny part is that I was SO tired when I was driving home last night, but it still look the usual time to actually get into bed. I think I need that time to wind down. Maybe.

This morning I woke up around 9am (I know...life is rough) so I could be running around 10. I drank my coffee and had an English muffin with Naturally More peanut butter and a banana. Not sure how I feel about the peanut butter...I saw it in the store and decided to try it, but it is a bit different so maybe it just takes some getting used to. Maybe I didn't wait long enough after eating, but breakfast kind of felt like a rock in my stomach for the first three miles. Perhaps I should go back to toast instead of the English muffin? My old standby!

Tuesday, July 21
7.09 miles in 55:51, avg pace of 7:52

I was doing so good on keeping it slow for the first three miles, and then I picked up the pace without even knowing it. I realized that I was heading uphill for the first half of the run, so once the elevation leveled out, I naturally ran faster. Oops! Working on keeping it slow! I threw my strides in on mile 6, which also made for a speedy mile (7:02), so that factors in there.

Also, awesome day for running...66, cloudy, barely misting. However that really cuts into my "sit outside and read" time. Hopefully it'll clear up for my day off tomorrow!


  1. Happy first week of marathon training (official training, that is)!

    I do the same thing--I'll feel really tired, and then it takes a long time for me to actually get to bed. I should get some ice cream and animal crackers for those down times.

  2. Yay first week of marathon training! The Philly marathon looks like a good one...I would totally train for that one, if it wasn't 9 hours away from me. Looking forward to reading about your training!

    And I do the same thing before going to bed. Last night I don't know WHAT I did, but managed to waste an hour before finally going to bed.

  3. I LOVE Naturally More PB! I am so addicted that I crave it! Ha! Great run!

  4. Yay for week one (again). Hopefully the weather shapes up for sit outside and read time. :)

  5. I, too, am the same way about winding down. I can be exhausted, but (unless I fall asleep on the couch or something) I still take at least an hour to unwind.

    Hoo-ray on the training start and Philadelphia! I am on week 6 of mine...doesn't seem much different than what I was already doing, so far...wait until the first 20-miler, yikes!

  6. I LOVE Naturally More PB. It's made in Alabama too!

  7. yayyyy marathon training!!! cant wait to follow along :)

  8. The start of marathon training is always fun...you're so fresh, the miles are usually easy, and the excitement is pretty infectious! Horray for week 1!

  9. I always need some unwind time before I go to bed. Funny how that works.

    Good luck with your marathon training; sounds like you're off to a great start!

  10. Yay for your training! I wish it was weather like that here. I would have to get up by at least 5am to not fry to a little crisp and keel over lol Hope you enjoy your day off, you deserve it!

  11. Happy training!

    Philadelphia's a nice course - a great way to see the city :)

  12. Yay! Marathon Training!

    That does sounds like perfect weather for a run!

    I have issues with going too fast (for me) too. I keep working on it... slowly, I am getting better... slowly. I bet you will too!