Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekends > Work Days

The weekend has come and gone! They always go so fast. Luckily I got out on time from work on Friday, but I didn't eat dinner...again. Friday was such a mess...We had 16 patients on the floor with three nurses, no nursing assistant. That might not have been so bad, except the nurses included me, the nurse who started a month before me, and the nurse who precepted both of us. I don't know who thought that staffing was a good idea, but even I could tell you that it was a recipe for disaster. Since we each had so many patients of our own, we can't really help each other...and I need LOTS of help. Annnnnd then a doctor called and yelled because I hadn't called with the results of blood work yet...mainly because I didn't have results yet! I drew the blood on time, it's being tested in the lab, don't yell at me. Thanks.

No wonder nurses always talk about leaving this hospital.

ANYWAY. Good weekend. Saturday was a short four mile recovery run, which I definitely took sloooow. Neither the Rocket Scientist nor I were feeling like moving too fast, so that worked to our advantage.

Saturday, July 18
4.02 miles in 34:23, avg pace of 8:34

I normally have a hard time slowing down, but my legs were not feeling it, so it was quite easy. I'm actually not sure how much faster I could have ran if I wanted to. I guess that works out well. After running, we headed into town to check out a farmers market, which I was sorely disappointed with. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was so tiny and the produce was super expensive, so we left after five minutes. We ended up going to a giant produce stand where everything is super cheap, but you have to buy in large quantities. I sent half the fruit home with the Rocket Scientist, but I still have TONS left. Fruit filled week, for sure!

Saturday night we went to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was HILARIOUS. Seriously. Go see it.

Long run Sunday!! After some debate over which marathon we're actually going to run this fall, I think we finally decided to go with the Philadelphia Marathon. We're crossing our fingers that it's not actually as cold as it was last year, but otherwise it should be a good race. The website says that the average temperature at the start is 45 degrees, with an average finishing temperature of 54. Hard to imagine with summer running, but that sounds pretty good to me.

Running Philly means that training actually starts TODAY instead of last week, but we decided to go ahead and do twelve miles yesterday anyway. It was cool-ish when we started...low 70's! I felt terrible for the first five miles...until we got to a bathroom and then I felt MUCH better. The trail near my house is awesome to run on, and the miles can (almost!) fly by.

Sunday, July 19
12.13 miles in 1:38:55, avg pace of 8:09

First six miles: 49:31, avg pace of 8:15
Second six miles: 48:23, avg pace of 8:04

Good run overall, with the second half faster than the first. Can't ask for more than that! When we got home, we showered up and then my BROTHER arrived!! He was at a conference in Lancaster this weekend, so he booked a late flight home so he could spend the afternoon with me! We went out to lunch and then played some mini golf...I won. :) We hung out for a little bit at my house before he headed back to the airport, so it was a short but sweet visit. It's good to see my family because I miss them, and it was quite convenient that my brother's conference was nearby. I can't wait to see my parents in a couple weeks!!

Back to work today, but I have to share my beautiful breakfast with you! On days where I don't run, I'm a big yogurt + fruit + granola fan, and it was so pretty today with all the fruit from the fruit stand.

Stonyfield French Vanilla + Zoe's Granola + Banana + Blueberries + RASPBERRIES!!

So good. Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend with some great runs! Yay for picking a marathon! I hear Philly is a fun one!

  2. Awesome 12-miler. That's cool that you picked Philly. Best of luck in your training!

  3. You guys are going to have a blast running Philly. Don't worry about the temps. Once you get moving you'll be fine.

    Hope you have a nicer day at work.

  4. I know what you mean about weekends just flying by, leaving you wanting the next one asap! haha I admire nurses sooo much, you guys have a very tough job. I remember my clinical internship, and being so terrified to talk to doctors, always yelling. And some of the nurses weren't so friendly either lol. That's so neat that you run marathons, you go girl!! I actually hate running and can't run very far, but I do like biking. I did a small 22-miler this weekend, but I'm trying to find a good road bike since I only have a mountain bike that's really slow. I LOVE yogurt, granola and fruit too, a lot of the time I'll have that for dinner :) Good luck with your training, and I hope you like the recipe.

  5. Great job on the 12 miles, and I'm glad you figured out which marathon you want to do. As for the 4 miler, it's kind of nice when your legs dictate the "easy" pace for you, much easier than conciously trying to slow yourself down. :) Your breakfast looks DELISH!

  6. Looks great, and very strong 12 miler, particularly since you had not been planning on it. Good Luck!

  7. Hooray for a new marathon! It's so exciting to have a goal lined up.

  8. Yay for deciding on a marathon!! Philly sounds fun! Great job on the 12 miler! Gotta love those negative splits! Hope your work week is good today and that you get out on time and eat dinner every night!!

  9. thats an AWESOME sunday run girl! I'm so happy you choose a marathon. yay :) hope work goes better this week!

  10. Your Sunday run sounds great, and your 'slow' 4 miler puts me to shame..I'm sorry you're not liking your hospital though, I'm sure with all the gunshots here you could move to Philly in no time! Just kidding. But if you ever came here and needed a running partner or a place to run just let me know, there's lots of great places. Do you go to Princeton a lot? I actually live right outside of Princeton, used to be my jam every weekend! I'll be back there soon enough....

  11. YAY philly!!! that race is on my list of to dos :)