Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shiny, pretty, and RED!

playing nurse (because i still don’t feel comfortable calling myself a nurse!)

Last night was an okay day at work…I got pulled (again!) to another floor, which was nearly as traumatic as last time.  I went to the same floor as before, as I was at least a little familiar with the territory, and I recognized some of the nurses.  I actually had a positive experience last time and everyone was super helpful, so I didn’t cry or anything this time around.  One of my patients was apparently the former chief of surgery (yikes?), which I learned upon discharge when his doctor informed me of that.  (By the way, his doctor was super nice…he introduced himself to me using his first name and actually made small talk…crazy!)  But anyway, I had a successful blood draw and successfully started an IV all on my own, without anyone even leaning over my shoulder.  Yay!  Confidence is half the battle.

(Annnnnd I just got a call saying that I’m cancelled tonight.  I think I need to start watching my spending if I’m going to be cancelled once a week!  This is getting a little out of control.)

delicious eats

I’m really trying to do better with cooking since I do enjoy it!  I just lose motivation when I’m cooking for myself.  Yesterday I tried to make baked ziti, already it really wasn’t baked ziti at all since I used penne pasta…but it was baked!  I basically sauteed a bunch of veggies (red pepper, green pepper, onion, zucchini…I forgot I had a mushrooms!!), added some spices (pepper, garlic, “Italian medley”), and then threw it in the oven mixed with tomato sauce, cheese, and pasta.  Thirty minutes later, voila!

083109 Baked Ziti 003 I may have already eaten some before I took the picture…

083109 Baked Ziti 004Do try this one at home!

It was easy and I will have this ALLLLLL week.  Works for me.

running machine

Okay, I may have been a teensy bit nervous for my run today.  On the schedule was ten miles with five at LT pace, which went well the first time, but not so well the second time.  The difference with today was that it was a cool SIXTY degrees when I headed out!  AWESOME.  I actually got my butt out of bed before nine (a major feat for me, I promise) and was running by 9:15.  Here’s out it panned out:

Tuesday, September 1 (Really?  That’s not okay.)
10.04 miles in 1:17:11, avg pace of 7:41

Warm-up:  2.52 miles in 21:12, avg pace of 8:26
LT miles:  5.01 miles in 35:39, avg pace of 7:07
Splits:  7:17, 7:13, 7:02, 7:02, 6:51
Cooldown:  2.52 miles in 20:21, avg pace of 8:06

Check out those negative splits!!  I felt soooo much better on this run than I did my last one.  One of the main reasons was probably the weather…60 degrees versus 80-something?  Obviously I’ll run better when it is cooler!  Also, my mindset was totally different for this one.  I didn’t put pressure on myself to hit 7:00 right away, especially since I don’t really need to be running 7:00 miles!  By telling myself that running 7:20 would be better than fine, and reminding myself that I don’t need to be sprinting from the get-go, I felt much more relaxed and less worried about being a speed demon.  These runs are easier when I don’t go into them thinking about how hard they’re going to be and how much they’ll hurt.  Woo!

i love the fedex man

From my bedroom window, I can see the delivery trucks drive by, and I always hope that they’re going to bring a surprise for me.  I loooove getting mail, especially when I’m not expecting it, but today I received something in the mail that I’ve been waiting a couple weeks for.  Here it is, all shiny, new, and RED!!

090109 Laptop
Please pardon the terrible picture, although I think it is kind of artsy with the reflection of the picture of the Rocket Scientist and me.  Anyway…my new laptop!!!  The computer that I currently have is the one I got right before I went to college (in 2003…), so it’s about six years old and is having some troubles.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a new computer, which is my first laptop!  I’m excited to lay on my bed and blog.  :)

And yes, although I’m the most frugal person EVER, I did pay an extra $40 for the red top.  That’s my Terrapin pride, thank you very much.


  1. I have a new laptop, too - also in red (I also shelled out the extra $40). It's so pretty!

    Congrats on the LT run - the cool weather does make a huge difference, doesn't it? I'm loving it, too!

    And I'm glad that your second experience on the new floor was better and sans tears! :)

  2. I'm jealous - a new laptop! Your pasta looks great - a good way to sneak in some veggies!

  3. Yay on the new laptop!! I'm saving up for a macbook. Right now I'm using one of Mirza's uncle's old laptops since mine broke last semester of school. It's an Emachine and pretty much a piece of CRAP!! damn macbooks for being so expensive.

  4. Nice new labtop!

    It has been really nice here as well. I feel so much faster when it is cooler!

  5. That ziti looks good, I never thought of putting veggies in it before it bakes, ingenious! Nice job on the run too, the weather is definitely a major help, I'm loving it, though I am NOT loving that it's September 1st, where did summer go? Nice new laptop too! Love getting new things in the mail.

    I have run on the tow path in Princeton, it's great and so nice and shady! But I definitely saw a huge black snake once, kind of creeped me out.

  6. Love your new computer!! So cute!

  7. LOVE it! My sister just got the same one, only in orange. Love the red.

  8. Great run!! Love the laptop! I totally agree that the red was worth a little extra $$! I splurged and got a pink one a year ago!

  9. Great laptop! My computer is from 2002, so I'm jealous!

  10. Cool new compie!!! My laptop needs to last maaaany more years after college. I love the color--red is my favorite color! Congrats on starting the IV on your own!!

    And about Food Inc...I want to get it as soon as it comes out on DVD and make my parents watch it. They grew up veeeery poor so buying the more expensive food option (although better for you and more nourishing) is just too difficult. I think EVERYONE should have to see this movie!

  11. NICE splits! those are super fast :)

    i think the pic is kinda artsy too - that comp is gorgy. new technology toys are so fun!

  12. Sweet new laptop. Awesome run too. Way to finish the LT with a 6:51. Congrats on a successful blood draw and IV.

  13. Awesome LT run!

    And I totally have the smaller version of that laptop. (I assume you didn't get the 8" for your main computer...) The extra money for the red is totally worth it!

  14. Glad work went well even though you got pulled to another floor.

    Love the red laptop! Definitely stylish.

  15. As comfy as you're getting on that tele floor, you might as well start picking up time over there to make up for getting cancelled!

    That's what a few of our nurses do on my unit. I'm too lazy though - I'll take the day off thankyouverymuch :)

  16. I totally agree, confidence is half the battle. Awesome baked ziti I mean penne! That is my kind of dish! Yay for a new laptop, I bet you are loving it :)

  17. Great run! I wish it could be 60 degrees all year.

  18. Heyyy Susan, I wanted to let you know that I have not started school yet..but I start on Sept. 23 and will be sure to blog all about it! I'm getting excited!! I have orientation on the 10th. We start super late at my university (and so get out later in June), so that's why I haven't said much about it yet!

  19. Wow that ziti looks freakin' delicious. I want to eat some right now haha! And I loooove the Terrapin red on your laptop! Way to represent haha!

  20. Your new red laptop is so pretty! I hope you love using it!

  21. Your pasta dish looks sooo good. I am really into pasta lately. I'm going to try this this week :)