Wednesday, September 30, 2009

in a rush

always in a hurry

Yesterday was just another day at work…I started with four patients with the knowledge that I would be getting a post-op at some point during the night.  As the night went on, I realized that my post-op wouldn’t be coming up until late in the night.  While this bodes well for the rest of the night, it makes for a madhouse when they come up from the PACU at 9:00pm and I have ALLLLL the paperwork to do and four other patients to deal with…all while trying to get out on time.  I wouldn’t have been worried if my manager didn’t yell at me on a daily basis about getting out on time.  We’re just supposed to leave stuff for the next shift to do since nursing is a 24/7 job, but no one likes having stuff left for them.  I did most of the paperwork (OBSCENE AMOUNTS), but I did it in a hurry and I left hoping I didn’t forget to do something.  That’s all I think about all day.

You’re not supposed to dread going into work, right?  Ugh.

the job search

On Sunday night, I applied to a job I (think I) would like…it’s at a large university hospital in the city.  Any tips on getting my foot in the door?  Should I call HR to “make sure” they got my resume?  Maybe it’s too soon to start looking…but maybe not.

biking, day three

I went “the other way” on the local trail today, which was fun to explore.  I don’t usually go that way because it becomes pretty isolated after about 2.5 miles, and I’m wayyyy too much of a worry-wart to be a female runner on an isolated trail.  But, on a bike…I worry less because I can fly away from any scary people.  :)  I biked the furthest that I have yet (okay…not say much) and for the longest time.  Woo!  The only problem with this way on the trail is that it is mainly downhill on the way out and uphill on the way back…yikes!  But I survived…my shin is kind of sore right now…I don’t think that’s from biking?  Biking isn’t supposed to hurt…right?  Gah.  I foam rolled when I got home…fantastic.

Wednesday, September 30
16.31 miles in 1:12:27, avg pace of 4:26 (13.5 mph)

My speed was in between my two previous rides, so I’ll count that as a victory.  I guess.  I just miss my running shoes.

Okay, I don’t really have anything exciting to report today.  Off to work…hoping it’s a good day…


  1. Biking makes my knees hurt, and I've NEVER had knee problems running before. My IT band gets pretty tight and it freaks me out.

  2. Good luck getting a job! If you know someone at the hospital or if someone can out in a good word for you, that is always very helpful.

  3. I say contact the HR department, maybe stop in to introduce yourself too. I feel like seeing an applicant in person makes it easier to evaluate/consider a person.

  4. I definitely say keep "bugging" them about your application. I know from my experience sometimes it takes you bothering them all the time to actually get something done! And if you can find the unit's manager or clinical director's phone number, I would call them and let them know you are interested and have applied.

  5. Good luck with the new job! It never hurts to call over there and check on things...

  6. Awww I'm so glad you applied for a different job! You'll be muchh happier there :) definitely give HR a call! that's what they're there for

  7. Awww I'm so glad you applied for a different job! You'll be muchh happier there :) definitely give HR a call! that's what they're there for

  8. hope work went well! i know i keep saying it, but i think of you every time i see all the nurses running around the hospital like craaazy.

    glad your bike-therapy is going well!

  9. Good luck with the job! Obviously since I couldn't secure a job for myself this year, and I'm not in the nursing field, my advice wouldn't be very sound. BUT, I'm sure calling HR wouldn't hurt! Awesome job with the biking! Now all we have to do is get you swimming and you can join me on some tri's!

  10. I feel little twinges in my knees when I ride my bike to campus, and I always wonder the same thing. Maybe we need to readjust our seats?

  11. Congrats on sending an application for a new job! That's great. I think after like two weeks you should definitely call just to make sure they got your resume.

    P.S. I tagged you on my blog today!

  12. Biking can get intense...or so I've heard.
    I think you made the right decision to apply for a job at a univ hospital...they are obviously much nicer to nursing staff and you'd probably learn a lot more there too. Good luck!

  13. Uh, not sure about that Lam. I've been a nurse at both huge academic medical centers and community hospitals. They're not necessarily nicer to nurses in an university setting.

    Good luck with the application. If you know what floor you're applying to, maybe try to contact the nurse manager directly as well?