Friday, October 2, 2009

Marching band nerds…I mean awesomeness

Dear doctor,

Thank you for not biting my head off you returned a page that the previous shift had made and I wasn’t fully prepared to take your call.  I appreciate the fact that you kindly reminded me to have all the information at hand instead of screaming at me for wasting your time.

Love, Susan

In my defense, the patient had only been back about ten minutes, most of which were spent getting her back into bed and changing her diaper.  Like I said, I appreciate constructive criticism much better than I enjoy getting yelled at.  Overall, not a terrible week at work.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  This is probably the first week that I’ve worked all five days since…July?  That’s a bit crazy and super tiring.  My legs are tiiiiiired.  And I’m not even running much…blah.

I’m thinking I should have a doctor check out my leg…I don’t even have a primary care doctor here yet.  (Is that bad?  I don’t know…)  My insurance website has a doctor look-up where you can search for doctors that take my insurance, and I found a sports medicine doctor nearby.  Maybe I should make an appointment…It’s been about two weeks since I’ve run and my leg still hurts.  Better safe than sorry…especially maybe with time to salvage my marathon attempt.  I hope.


I’m so excited for tomorrow!  The Rocket Scientist and I are headed to Maryland to watch our Terrapins take on Clemson.  I haven’t been to a MD football game since Fall 2007…long overdue!  My post-college football experience is a bit different than my college football experience, as I spent four years in the glorious marching band.  While I loved it, I never tailgated or anything like that.


victory Pre-game rehearsal…freshman year!!  Guess which one is me??

FIU Game 004 Massage line?  Yes, please!

FIU Game 020 With the Rocket Scientist!  (Yes, I played the trombone…AWESOME.)

FIU Game 048 Trucking into the game!

before gameAwesome pre-game picture of (half of) my section.  :)


WVU Game 063 Maryland shield on the field!

Now (circa Fall 2007):

image My first tailgate EVER with my roomie.  :)

SOOOOOO EXCITED.  Jess!  Let me know if  you’re going to be there…we can exchange numbers and have a bloggie meet-up!  I’m working tonight, but I’ll check back late tonight/tomorrow before we leave.  I hope to see you!


  1. You were a boner?!?! Ha! :) My brother and I played in our high school marching band (he was a boner and I was a clarinet). I think in a different life I would have been in IU's Marching Hundred. Instead I chose to go to a small liberal arts college and run DIII cross country/track. Siiigh. I do miss marching band sometimes.

    ANYWAY...I'm so sorry to hear your knee/shin/IT is still bothering you! I would definitely get in to see a doctor asap. You've been smart and taking this time off, and it seems like it should have improved some by need some answers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Your leg is still hurting? Damn. What is wrong with the damn thing.

    Have fun at the game!

  3. I think you should see the doctor soon. Although... they are probably just going to tell you to rest more. Boo :(

    I love the marching band pics. I hope you have a fun time at the game!

  4. So I asked if you were in marching band on your last post because....

    I was in marching band too!!! (I can't believe I'm about to type this)...but...I frickin' LOVED it! I'm so jealous you got to march in college too!!!! I wanted to go to a big state school so badly JUST to march. I even thought about trying out for a drum corps (nerd alert!). I played the mellophone!! Go brass!

    I'm actually going to watch my high school's competition tomorrow in Manassas because I went back to be a staff member for 2 summer away camps so I still know all the little kiddies. Oh man, I need to stop right now hahaha. This should have been an email :) JK I'm proud of my marching days!

  5. Yeah, definitely have a good doctor take a look at your's not normal for you to be hurting for so long and you need to find out if you can still run your marathon.

    Wow, marching band? Those must have been really fun times!

  6. Just got caught up on all your posts! So sorry you're injured. :(

  7. Have a great weekend - you've earned it :)

  8. That's awesome you played trombone! What a bad-ass instrument. I played the flute, which is sooo dainty!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Omg, awesome. I love that you were on the trombone! Do you ever play anymore? Have a great weekend!

  10. You were in the band?! I don't think I would have guessed that. :o)

  11. If you ask me, one of those docs at work owes you a favor and should look at that leg for you.

  12. ha, great band pics!!!! I bet it was kinda weird to be in the stands this time around :) hope you had fun!

  13. I hope you had fun at Maryland this weekend! Football games are fun to go to, especially if you can enjoy a drink before/during!

  14. I would say a doc appointment would be a good thing, esp if it's not getting better. awesome band pics! Chris was in marching band, he played the snare drum. Have fun!

  15. Glad the week at work went OK! I would definitely at least MAKE the doctors appointment, because it can be a long time before you get in. That way you'll at least have the appointment.. you can always cancel if for some reason you don't think you need it any more.

  16. hope you had a great time & enjoyed a fun tailgating experience! :)

  17. Yess!!! Another marching bando. I was such a hardcore musician until just this fall, so it's so fun to know another musician in the blogworld. :-)

    Hope you can get your leg checked out. I'd def recommend a sport med doc versus a primary care doc.

  18. super cute pics. My college roommate was a big band-o (meant in the nicest way possible, because I'm a musical nerd too!) so I got to appreciate field marching. I'm from a smaaaaaaall school so I'd never really experienced it before. Pretty cool though. :)

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