Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you Frayed Laces!!

If you’ve been around the blog world, you probably know about Frayed Laces.  If you don’t, you should…go check out her blog now!  She’s a Hawaii-living, grad student researching, marathoning and triathloning blogger…who happens to lead a pretty cool live!  Recent adventures involve spending some time with Brooks in a lab and at camp!  To share the Brooks love, Frayed Laces had a Brooks Run Happy Giveaway!  The idea was simple:  If you were Brooks CEO for a day, what would be the top three things you would change in your running shoes?  You could enter some practical ideas, as well as not so practical ones for the Frayed Laces Special.  I love a good giveaway, especially related to my favorite running shoe company, so enter away I did!  Little did I know that my nerdiness would pay off with my entry of:

Add moon bounces to the shoes!! When I was at Space Camp (nerd alert!), we all had a chance to be in the 1/6th gravity chair simulator, where you could bounce around like you were on the moon with 1/6th of the gravity of the Earth. How fun would marathoning be if you could moon bounce your way to the finish line??

Yes, I went to Space Camp when I was in the sixth grade.  It was AWESOME.  I saw a shuttle launch and got to go on all these cool simulators.  You’re jealous, admit it.  (The Rocket Scientist also went to Space Camp…add that to the cuteness factor.)  Moving on.

I looooooove getting mail, so I was super excited when an envelope was sticking out my front door!  I won the Frayed Laces Special (quite an honor, if you ask me), and my package of goodies arrived today.  Here’s the magic:

Frayed Laces Special (6)Nothing excites me more than a package in the mail!!

Frayed Laces Special (2) Look at all that good stuff!!

Time for some close-ups:

Frayed Laces Special (3)Brooks stuff…and a note from Frayed Laces herself!

  • Note from Frayed Laces…how cool!
  • A Brooks Guide to Injury Free Running…how timely with my current running hiatus!  It even has a little chart with eight common running injuries…Iliotibial Band Syndrome included!  (Which is what I think I have…to be confirmed or denied on Friday!)
  • A Brooks book…Handmade by Frayed Laces from an old Brooks shoe box.  I love it!

 Frayed Laces Special (4) Recovery and Injury info and prevention…definitely timely.

  • Japanese injury and stretching book…complete with interesting pictures and lots of Japanese that I don’t understand!  I will try to decipher if any can help me with my current injury.  :)
  • “Pain Relieving Plaster”…also Japanese.  Looks like an icy-hot band-aid.
  • RECOVERY SOCKS!!  I kept putting off buying them…Soooo excited!  I may or may not have put them on right away (okay, see below for photo evidence), and I’m definitely wearing them tomorrow and work.  Yes!!
Frayed Laces Special

Recovery socks!!

Frayed Laces Special (5)Some running necessities.  :)

  • Hand wipes!  You never know when you’ll need some on a long run post-bathroom.
  • Toilet paper…see above!
  • Power Bar for pre-long run energy…can you believe I’ve never actually had a Power Bar before?  I’ll have to give it a try!
  • “Pocari Sweat” = Japanese Gatorade…we’ll have to see how it compares.
  • Lava Energy Gel…maybe this will be a gel I can actually swallow??

This made my day!!  I was so excited win the Frayed Laces Special and check out the goodies.  I love it…Thank you so much Frayed Laces!  Be sure to head over and check out her blog…you won’t be disappointed!


Time to take off the recovery socks and head to Princeton.  I’ve got a fun activity planned for tonight!  I took a rest day today because I’ve got the sniffles and am a little achy.  I got the flu shot last night, and she definitely got it into my muscle!  (Note:  I don’t think my sniffles are from the flu shot…I had a headache last night so I think it’s just an October cold…woo!)

Alright, I’m off!  Thanks again FL!


  1. What a cool goodie pack! I can't wait to hear how you like the recovery socks!

    Did the book say anything about shin splints or plantar fasciitis?

  2. Congrats on winning the giveaway! You got some sweet stuff!

  3. Very cool swag! Enjoy.

  4. Awesome!!!! Congratulations :)

    Have you tried using the TEDs as recovery socks?

  5. Very cool. Frayed Laces is great.

    What was in the "Brooks Book" that was made out of a Brooks shoe box?

  6. What a great package! I can't live without my recovery socks. I wear them to work all the time. Enjoy your swag!

  7. Hahah, that is SO awesome! I like your entry! I want to hear about the recovery socks, I've been contemplating them as well. FL is like a celebrity!

  8. I want some recovery socks too!! I'm gonna go click on the link so I know what I'm wanting haha. I remember you mentioning Space Camp to me--I totally forgot to email you back about it. SO COOL! I've always wanted to go just so I could go into the anti-gravity simulator!

    Nerdy is the new cool :)

  9. OMG! my husband tells this crazy story about climbing mount fuji several years ago and having to drink pocari sweat the whole way (he said he really didn't like it!) i have never seen it in real life!

    great shoe idea :)

  10. Nice win! That's a great haul of really sweet stuff. Congratulations!

    I'm giggling about Pocari sweat...a lot.

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