Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Photographic Philly Wedding

It’s Sunday night…where did this weekend go??  I know exactly where…Philly!  The Rocket Scientist’s sister got married this weekend in downtown Philly, and it was quite the site to be seen!  Lucky for you, I took lots of pictures.  :)  This was our second wedding in three weeks (first can be viewed here!), so it was interesting to see the differences between the two.  Here we are, a photographic journey into my weekend!

Friday Night – Rehearsal

I was actually supposed to work on Friday night, therefore missing the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner…I was just going to head down on Saturday for the actual ceremony and ensuing festivities.  When I showed up at work on Friday, I jokingly said that I would go home if they didn’t need me, but they hadn’t heard about staffing yet.  We got the word on how many nurses we needed…and then another nurse showed up!  She had been called off but didn’t have her cell phone with her, so she headed to work anyway.  Since we had an extra nurse, they said we could battle it out about who would stay and who would go.  The other nurse remembered that I had something else to do tonight, so she said she would stay.  Yay!  Night off.  :)  I raced back home to shower and pack and head down to Philly.  I ended up missing the actual rehearsal,  but I made it in plenty of time for the rehearsal dinner!

The rehearsal dinner was hosted at the Vesper Boat Club, which is on Boathouse Row in Philly.  The area is very pretty at night, with all the boat houses lit up…definitely gives a good view from the highway, but it was fun to be on the other side!  When we first showed up, some of the crew teams were still out on the water.  The view of the city was quite nice:

EC Rehearsal Dinner (2) It’s no Chicago, but I guess it works.

EC Rehearsal Dinner (12) Lights of Vesper from the deck.

EC Rehearsal Dinner (7) University of Pennsylvania’s boat house.

EC Rehearsal Dinner (22)Hanging out in the window.

EC Rehearsal Dinner (24)  Rocket Scientist sporting his mom’s lovely leopard print jacket.

Saturday – Play Time

The Rocket Scientist’s family are not city people in the least.  Soooo when Saturday rolled around, there was no actual plan of action.  (And I quote:  “What is there to do around here?”  Ummm…anything your little heart desires!  Anyway.)  No one had to be anywhere until 3pm, so we had plenty of time to play.  After sitting around in the hotel for awhile, we finally headed out into the city.  The wedding was to be at the Franklin Institute, so we headed over there to check out the exhibits and such beforehand.  It brought back memories because we visited there many times when I lived outside Philadelphia as a wee little one.  (Ages 1-6!)

Franklin Institute (2)Franklin Institute (3) 

The Pendulum that demonstrated that the Earth rotates…every 25 minutes it knocks off a different peg.

Franklin Institute (10) Touring the giant walk-through heart!

Franklin Institute (13) Learning about arteries and blood flow…keep your heart healthy!

Franklin Institute (15) The Rocket Scientist learning about lift!  Not that he didn’t know about it already…

Franklin Institute (18)

Franklin Institute (20)

We’re flying!

After we left the Franklin Institute so the boys could get changed for the wedding, the RS and I went on a hunt for a card…because he was clearly planning ahead.  After walking a few blocks, some friendly pedestrians pointed us in the direction of a CVS.  As we strolled power walked along, we passed this beauty:

Franklin Institute (22) BAKERY!!

When my dad lived in Philly back in the day (like…wayyyyy back in the day), he used to live a few blocks from the Swiss Haus Bakery and loved one of the cakes that they had.  When my parents came to visit in August, we walked outside his old apartment and found this bakery.  While he said the cake was different than he remembered, the goods were still fabulous.  Since I can’t pass up the chance to stop at a bakery, I went in while the RS powered on to CVS.  Please note that the guy working in the bakery laughed at my photography as I stood outside.  Maybe I should try to get a job there…then I could eat/bake this deliciousness on a daily basis:

Franklin Institute (23) Rocky Road Brownie!!!  Normally I hate nuts in my brownies, but this was tasty.

Saturday – The Big Event

Saturday night was the big night!  Since it was at a museum, it was a rather late event.  The actual ceremony was in the Planetarium, so of course the crowds had to clear out before we could head in!  Pictures were first taken outside…luckily the sun came out in the afternoon for some pretty pictures.

Erin and Chris WeddingRocket Scientist’s family with the bride and groom.  Three other wedding parties were also taking pictures.

Erin and Chris Wedding (6) Woo!  Thanks to my friend for actually picking a bridesmaid dress I could wear again!

Erin and Chris Wedding (4) View of City Hall (and Ben!) from Logan Square.

Erin and Chris Wedding (14) Married!

Erin and Chris Wedding (16) The reception was in the main hall…no joke, we ate at the feet of Ben Franklin.
 Erin and Chris Wedding (19)Menu!

Erin and Chris Wedding (25)

Erin and Chris Wedding (30) The salad was AMAZING.  I had Sea Bass for dinner…tasty tasty!  Definitely some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had…I usually feel like it leaves something to be desired, but this was awesome.

Erin and Chris Wedding (41) Not going to lie…I wasn’t too impressed with the cake.


Erin and Chris Wedding (36)  I told you he’s nerdy…the socks/glasses were for the wedding pictures…each groomsman had a different color!

Erin and Chris Wedding (42) The Rocket Scientist found another scientist!

Erin and Chris Wedding (43) The heart is an awesome muscle…so I flexed mine!

Erin and Chris Wedding (53) Flashing our gang signs…that’s “EAST COAST” for the Rocket Scientist and “MIDWEST” for me.  :)

Erin and Chris Wedding (54)Okay…that’s actually kind of cute. 

It was a really fun weekend, filled with lots of good food!  Dancing was a little limited at the reception…everything was kind of broken up so it didn’t really get started.  Annnnd we got pulled away for lots and lots of pictures.  But that’s okay, fun was had by all.  It was one of the fancier weddings that I’ve been to, and I can’t say I’ll ever see anyone get married in the Franklin Institute again!  I hope everyone else has glorious weekends as well.


  1. Haha I was getting so sleepy and then I read this blog post!! These are the funniest photos...I especially love the leopard print jacket!!

    You look fabulous in that dress and check out those guns!!!

  2. Beautiful dress. That looks like a cool place to have a wedding.
    Love the pictures thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures. I do love your dress, it is very pretty and I really like the cut. Glad you had a nice time.

  4. Ha, I love the wedding (guest) pictures. You two are a hilarious couple!

  5. oh lordie this requires a list.

    1. you look GORGEOUS!
    2. I'm SO glad you had such a good time you definitely deserve it with all the stress you've been going through :)
    3. the RS looks hilarious in his mom's lepord coat
    4. you guys make the cutest couple :)

  6. I love the dress!!! You look gorgeous! Goofy pics - i like it ;) haha looks like you guys had fun!

  7. You look beautiful! Excellent call on the dresses.

  8. It looks like you had such a blast in Philly! I can't believe that dress you're wearing is actually a bridesmaids dress. It's so cute and I thought cute bridesmaid's dress was an oxymoron.

    Seeing the pictures of you guys touring the heart totally brings back memories of my childhood days!

  9. You and the RS are so adorable together! His cute nerdiness reminds me so much of my husband!!

    Your dress looks fab too, can't believe that was a bridesmaids dress!

  10. just catching up on your posts since sunday - looks like a great time in Philly! and you look GORGEOUS in that dress!! i think i ran past those places on boathouse row when i was visiting my dad :)

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