Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i’m still a runner :)

Another successful run today!  The weather is so perfect for running…it was in the high 50’s and sunny!  I was warm in my long sleeve shirt, so I guess it’s still short sleeve weather.  Fine by me.  :)  I took it easy again today, going for five miles this time!  My left calf/quad actually felt a little tight, so I guess I spent too much time stretching my right leg yesterday and not my left leg.  I evened it up after my run today, so no worries there.

The hardest part about getting back into running after my month off is trying to not get caught up on the pace.  My legs can feel that they haven’t ran in a month, and I need to remember that any pace is a good pace as long as it’s pain free!  One of my miles was 8:50-ish, and I admit that I did a double take when my garmin beeped.  Not that 8:50 is actually slow, but when I’m used to more around eight minute pace, it doesn’t seem quite right.  I reminded myself that for my second day back, that’s not too shabby.  There will be many more days to run faster…eventually.

Tuesday, October 20
5.04 miles in 42:41, avg pace of 8:28

We’re getting there!

Time to get ready for work…only having one day off (which is how it works when it’s your weekend to work…we get a random day off the week before and the week after) really doesn’t seem like enough to reenergize!  Hurry up, Friday!

Stay tuned for the absolutely ridiculously amazing dinner I had last night…you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Yay I'm so glad to hear you were able to get some running in!

  2. I wish I was running 8:50s! My pace is so slow now, near 11:00. It used to be near 9:00.

    I am happy you got out there again! :)

  3. WAH HOOOOOOOO!!!! I know exactly how you feel. After not being able to run at all, even running a mile is like a gift. I remember my first run back--I was smiling from ear to ear!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! SUZE!!

  4. Yay, two days of running in a row! I'm really excited for you; I know you're happy to be back on the roads.

    News!!!! YAY!

  5. average 8:28? that's still pretty good!! Especially for an 'easy' run! :) I know what you mean about being used to seeing one pace or another on that watch - but just give the legs a few more runs ;)

  6. Great news!!! I would love to run with you at Philly. As long as you're not too fast for me!