Monday, October 12, 2009

Mediterranean Chicken a la Martha

Being a faithful reader of Sarah’s blog, I have come to love Martha recipes as Sarah cooks her way through one of Martha’s cookbooks.  When in a bind (or at the Rocket Scientist’s and therefore sans cookbooks), I hit up the Martha Stewart Food website for some ideas.  The recipes are usually pretty quick and fairly healthy, so they’re right up my alley!  Yesterday prior to grocery shopping, I selected Mediterranean Chicken as my meal of choice for the week.  (Cooking for one for me means making one meal to last almost all week!).

Let’s see how mine turned out:

101209 Mediterranean Chicken and Spinach Salad Mediterranean Chicken + Kashi Pilaf

I admittedly set off the smoke detectors while cooking…I guess the olive oil reached it’s smoke point!  Oops!  I opened all the windows, which makes it a little chilly in here, but that’s what sweatshirts are for.  :)  I really like the Kashi pilaf…it was easy to make (threw it in the rice cooker!) and has a nice nutty flavor.  The chicken is quite tasty…anything with olives is made infinitely better!

101209 Mediterranean Chicken and Spinach Salad (2) Spinach salad!

On the side I’m currently eating a spinach salad…complete with strawberries, dried cranberries, feta cheese, pecans, and a raspberry walnut dressing.  Gotta squeeze that iron in.  :)

on the run bike front

I biked in Princeton for about an hour and a half yesterday…my garmin’s battery was dead so I have no clue how far I went.  Back to the old days of just using a watch!  Although I didn’t even have a watch, so I just went by the time on my cell phone.  A little more relaxed environment than staring at the data on my wrist.  The Rocket Scientist ran seventeen miles while I was biking…his training is going well, and we’re hoping he qualifies for Boston in November so we can run both run Boston in April.  He finished the Delaware Marathon in 3:13 this year, so he’s close!  Fingers crossed.

I’m also heading to a sports medicine doctor on Friday, so hopefully I can at least get some direction in what’s going on with my leg.


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  1. I like the Kashi pilaf too. What marathon is your boyfriend doing?

  2. you are too sweet! i also think the kashi pilafs are delicious. i should buy them again (actually, would be great with tonight's dinner . . . too late :) )

  3. oh! your dinner looks SO good! I definitely wanna check out some of those Martha recipes!

    I hope you guys can run together too!

  4. That chicken looks great! And I LOVE Kashi pilaf! It's actually the staple in all of my pre-race meals. I loved your pictures in your last post too from the wedding! It looked like a blast!

  5. The Mediterranean chicken sounds quite tasty. I'm going to squirrel that recipe away for those days when I need lots of inspiration. Thanks!

  6. Hii! Just stumbled across your blog that recipe looks amazing!! It's a future must try! I love Martha recipes! Have you tied her lemon parsely fish cakes (recipe online) thy are to die for!

    Can't wait to read more!

  7. Everything tastes better with feta cheese. Mmmmm.

  8. I am anxious to hear what the doc says on Friday! I have been thinking of you and your injury often.

  9. Love feta! The dishes look great. Hope all goes well with the sports med doc.

  10. That salad looks awesome - you can't go wrong with the fruit + nut combo! I have Never seen Martha's Food site (never thought about that...), thanks for the link! :)

    Um, *whoa* the RS is fast!! Well, you both are! Two BQ-ers? Fun!