Friday, September 25, 2009

Target: FAIL. Run: FAIL.

nursing personality

Last night at work wasn’t too bad…until my post-op came back at 10pm!  I waited for her all shift, and then they sent her up a little after 10.  This does not bode well for getting out on time!  We’re supposed to leave stuff for the next shift (since nursing is a twenty-four hour job), but I hate leaving all that for the next shift since I hate being dumped on.  I got her fluids up, her pain under control, and called the doctor about her blood pressure.  That’s all I could do…and I still got out late since three of the nurses I was giving report to were coming from other floors.  They had to give report on the floor they were pulled to and then come up and get report.  I have a feeling I’m going to go into work today and be told that I just should have left without giving report because my manager is telling people to do that now.  That’s safe, right?  I have a license that I would like to keep.

Anyway, one of patients (easy as pie patient to take care of!) told me last night that I went into the right profession for my personality.  It’s nice to hear that every once in awhile because we never really get positive feedback from our manager…just criticism.  For example, yesterday we were reviewing mistakes that I made a couple weeks ago.  You know, the second to worst night of my life at work?  (With the worst night being Wednesday of this I-hate-my-life week.)  I hate to say it…but mistakes will be made when I only have three months of experience and you give me six patients and zero time to think on a floor I work on.  Just saying.

target:  FAIL

So I went to Target today to get a foam roller, as I’m willing to try anything to help my shin (and now knee…more on that later) feel better.  First of all, there were mad amounts of traffic on the way to Target.  I live in a town of 4,000 people (okay, 5,600 now that the local college is back in session), but urban planning is nonexistent and I don’t think people work…at all.  Or maybe tons of old retired people live around here.  Either way, traffic was backed up for two miles.  I don’t understand this place.

Anyway, I find the “exercise” section of Target, and the ONLY THING that they’re completely out of is the foam roller.  I had no clue they were so popular!  Time to hit up Amazon, I suppose…

run: FAIL

My legs felt a little better today, so I figured I would try to go out for an easy, easy (emphasis on EASY) four mile run.  With the option to do three.  Or five.  Well, I made it to the end of my street (read:  about a tenth of a mile) and my knee felt all funny and my form was wayyyyy off.  This run clearly wasn’t going to go well.  I decided to detour and run around the block (about half a mile) to get a better gauge of how I was feeling.  With my limpy form, I decided to call it a day when I returned home.  I looked up Caitlin’s (from Healthy Tipping Point) knee exercises and did them…I’m open to anything, I just want to run again…

brrrr, it’s cold in here

Icing as we speak.  That was the only non-fail part of Target.

the dress dilemma

Looks like the blog world is split on my dress dilemma!  I’m going to consult my mother by phone tomorrow (pre-wedding…cutting the decision time so close!), but I do think that I need to consider the boogie factor.  Yasi reminded me of this important consideration…you have to be able to do the electric slide in the dress!  This makes me lean more towards the blue dress.  I know you’ll be on the edge of your seat all night waiting for my decision!

Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. Have you entered my roller giveaway? Glad work was a little better.

  2. Oh wow sorry about your shins (and knee?). Sounds like you just need a bit of rest. Maybe the active job of being a nurse is causing it?

  3. Ugh sorry you couldn't find a roller at Target and that your run was sucky! Good luck with the dress decision!

  4. What!!? your manager actually said to leave without giving report?! That is INSANE!

  5. Do you feel like you can talk to your manager when they criticize you, or does it make you feel like they are not open to talking to?

    I am curious about foam rollers. What a bummer that they were out! I am starting to get worried about your leg :(

  6. Get that leg better girl! I thought both dresses were cute as a button, so you can't go wrong.

  7. Amazon is amazing, I order shiz off there all the time. Bummer you couldn't find it at Target though, then you could have used it ASAP.

    Boogie on down girlfriend! Have fun this weekend!!

  8. You'll run again...I know the feeling of's kind of like dliasfjldksjfkldsjflkdsjflakdjfkldsjflkdjsf!! I hope the pain goes away soon. SO excited for your dress decision. cough red cough!!

  9. Until you get your foam roller, do you have a rolling pin handy?

    Works for me :)

  10. Oh no! Be careful! Stupid knee problem is what made my running season end early :-( I still don't know how you do it all... such a busy busy career and all that running! Whew!

  11. Aw, I'm sorry they were out of foam rollers. I think a lot of PT's tell their patients to get them. (I'm basing this conclusion off of the fact that we get a lot of older, non-running people in the running store, saying that they've been told to get a foam roller.)

  12. hope that your legs feel better soon! target should start carrying more stock, geez.

    let us know which dress you pick. you definitely have to be able to do the electric slide in it...essential! :-)

  13. I really want to try those foam rollers too. It's so nice to hear a positive word amongst the criticism. You are so positive and perfect for nursing :) I sure hope your knee feels better, that's so frustrating. I really like the red dress and the little flair.