Sunday, June 7, 2009

Allergy/Cold Blahness

Sadly not too much is going on here in the land of Nurse on the Run. Whatever sickness/allergies I had last week is not going away, and in fact got worse. My eyes starting oozing gooey stuff on Friday, so I popped out my contacts and the Rocket Scientist and I raided the pharmacy aisle at Target. I got some eye drops and allergy medication. The funny part is that I never really had allergies! I think I'm allergic to the east coast because I used to get crusty-gooey eyes when I was in college at the University of Maryland, but never when I was back home in Chicago. There must be some tree or something around here we don't have in the midwest. Either way, this is miserable! I have a cough too so I'm not sure if it's a cold, but the antihistamine I'm taking seems to be helping the "head in the cloud" feeling. Whatever it is, I hope it goes!

Lo and behold, this doesn't bode well for running since I'm a bit tired and all.

Friday was fun before the eye gunk showed up, as the Rocket Scientist and I headed to California Tortilla, the BEST burrito place ever. They had one right in College Park (home to my fabulous University of Maryland), but sadly nowhere else close to where we live. However, I moved a mere ten minutes from one! Woohoo! I normally order the Spicy Sunset Salsa Chicken, but since I'm so close and can have it more often, I branched out and ordered the Fajita Burrito...which was good, but not as good as my Sunset! We split an order of chips and queso, so yummy! I highly recommend it if there is one in your area!

Saturday my eye was crusted shut in the morning, but we felt like going for a run and I felt up to it so we did a short four miles. The Rocket Scientist (who LOVES running hills) confirmed that my running route was indeed hilly, so I feel more confident about the fact that I wasn't running wimpy hills or anything. I felt kind of tired during the run, but the stats ended up being okay:

Saturday, June 6 (D-Day!)
4.01 miles in 31:47, avg pace of 7:55

We helped my roommate paint the hallways with the help of her friends, and we had a mini-bbq on our deck. It was a fun summer evening!

The Rocket Scientist left early this morning for a family medical emergency, and I felt terrible this morning so I'm scratching running today. I really wanted to get in a 10-miler, but it's hot and I'm thinking recovery would be a better choice. Instead, I laid out by the pool for about an hour and a half...I love the sun so it was nice to be out there! I multi-tasked by reading Advanced Marathoning, which is the book by Pete Pfitzinger. Many people use his training plans for marathons, and I think I might try it for my fall marathon. Probably his 18/55 plan for a yet to be determined marathon!

Tomorrow starts my last week of orientation on day shift before switching to evening shift...woo! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I hope you feel better Susan! Recovery is better than running when you are sick. You'll be able to get the runs in when you feel better and actually make gains instead of hurting your body more!

  2. Hope you feel better girl!!

  3. Advanced Marathoning is my bible when it comes to marathon training. I think you'll have good success with 18/55 plan. A lot of people have run some pretty goo times for it. I forgot, did you announce what your fall marathon is yet? I'm hoping it be Philly, since it'll be so close to you and I'm running it too!

    Hope your allergies clear up. It is quite nasty this time of year!

  4. Get better soon!

  5. Aww, hope you feel better! You were smart not to do 10-miles and instead take it easy. Smart girl!

  6. disneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    get better girl :) p.s. i need your marathon help! when does training officially start? I have a halfsies in September. Do I train for that first or go right into full marathon training!? I'm stressed haha

  7. BOoooOOoo! Why, oh why, is there not a California Tortilla near me?

    I bet Pfitz will do great things for you!

  8. hope you feel better soon!

    the Pfitz plan works wonders, i tell ya. i did a modified version of the 12/55 program for Surf City and PRed by 20+ minutes.

    and honestly, IMHO, i think California Tortilla is gross. sorry :( there was one near my old (pre-nursing) job and i could never understand why people liked it.

  9. I've heard good things about the Pfitz plan, so I hope it works well for you. Get well soon!

  10. You were very busy for feeling so crappy! I hope the crusties go away :)

  11. aww oh no! Get better soon :-\ I hate allergy yuckiness!