Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I need to make friends with Mr. Speedy

Dare I say it...work was actually pretty good today! I only got out about ten minutes later than we're supposed to, which is good compared to the 30-60 minutes I've been averaging. Charting is soooo time consuming and (it's bad but) I sometimes don't get to it until the end of the day. We have at least eight pages of forms to fill out for EACH patient, so it takes awhile. Charting is my least favorite part of nursing (maybe next to bed baths?), but I understand why we need to do it.

On a happy note, I got my first real blood draw on a patient today!! He was kind of a hard stick, but I cheated and went a little above where they had drawn blood earlier in the morning, so I at least knew the vein was good. Flash of blood right after the stick...yay! Luckily the patient was a little out of it so he couldn't see my shaky hands. :)

I headed out for a run when I got home, and I think underestimated the power of humidity because I was DRENCHED when I got home! I thought about going shirtless, but it seemed to be a little on the cooler side, so I threw a tank top on last minute. Bad plan! I headed out for the trail nearby, planning on doing 7-8 miles depending on how I felt, but I wanted to take it slow. For my next (yet to be determined) marathon, I want to train like you're supposed to train...with slower miles included! My mileage hasn't really been much of anything lately, so some slow miles while I build back up are important. I actually succeeded this time!

Tuesday, June 9
8.11 miles in 1:06:07, avg pace of 8:09

I admittedly freaked out a little when I saw a mile split of 8:20, but I calmed down pretty quick. I usually have in my head that "good" miles are sub-8, but that's not true! Gotta change that thinking! It certainly didn't help that Mr. Speedy, who crossed the street at the same time I did. I thought about chatting him up, but the light was changing soon and I'm not the most outgoing person ever. I also saw him right before my turnaround point, still cruising along. He looks so light on his feet, it makes me wonder what I look like when I'm running. Maybe someone should record me sometime?? I'm not sure I want to know!

My mom comes tomorrow!! We've got a jam-packed week ahead of us!


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  1. That run is exactly what I SHOULD have done this past weekend!! I'm the same way when it comes to pace; thinking that sub-8 is the only way to go. But you're completely right, we need to slow down if we want to get quality, long miles in.

    Also, congrats on your blood draw! Exciting!

  2. Yay for good sticks!! Glad work is getting better for you! If only I could consider 8:09 slow... :)

  3. Will you come do my stick? More often that not, the nurse messes it up, and I end up with a nasty bruise. (To be fair, I bruise really easily.)

    Ugh, humidity and lots of sweating. It'll getcha every time!

  4. Susan, you are funny. I think I'm a lot like you. I would have the exact same ambition of wanting to speak to Mr. Speedy, but not having the guts to do it lol.

    Have fun with your mom!

  5. Hey Susan...good job on keeping it slow! Don't freak out by the digits...try hard not to even look until after the run. That's the trick I use now when I'm training myself to not use old numbers to judge my effort. Hope that helps.

  6. I know I run goofy so no need to video me. However, it would be interesting. Glad things are going well. Have lots of fun with your mom.

  7. I like shirtless :)

  8. that's not cheating! that is a tried-and-true venipuncture technique. AWESOME job!!

  9. great run :) I ALWAYS wonder what I look like running but I'm pretty sure its very dorky haha

  10. it can be so hard to slow down but just know that you are a fast runner when you need to be and those slower miles will make you faster in the long run :)

  11. I'm usually the weirdo who tries to talk to people, especially during races. But I guess not so much to random strangers during my runs.

    Good job on your run and successful blood draw!

  12. Have fun w/ your mom this weekend! Mine is coming to visit me too. :)

    I like what you said about changing the way you think about your "good" pace. There is certainly a place in your training for faster and slower stuff and you need to be ok with that! Great lesson.

  13. Yes, I totally agree about the "big running blogs." I get really annoyed with those who never respond back. I love learning things from other people and having "conversations" through blogs. I wouldnt have it any other way!

    I'm glad you're getting settled into your new job! And I don't think you need to worry about not being speedy...I'm trying to get to your slow pace!

    Have fun with your momma :)