Friday, June 26, 2009


Runner, RN

Yesterday was another horrendous day at work. It started out fine, as we only had four patients and one happened to be away in surgery. I actually had time to start charting during the shift (whoaa!), as well as do a blood draw and a straight cath on another nurse's patient. Woo! Then the madness began when we got an admission (which requires an obscene amount of paperwork), our post-op came back, and one of my patients started actively dying. (We have a lot of hospice patients on my unit.) Soooo then it was run-run-run. I had everything under control in the beginning and even caught a funny order on the new admission, which I clarified with the doctor and life was good.

Then I experienced my first death. The patient died late in the shift, and a family member was with the patient. My nurse kept telling me not to be surprised if he passed on our shift, but it was kind of creepy to watch the patient go through the dying process. I've never seen agonal breathing before. Definitely an interesting experience, especially afterward. Lots of paperwork to do, and you have to call the organ donation company, who immediately wants to contact the family. Not exactly the best timing, but you can't wait too long or else the organs can't be donated.

Needless to say, I think I clocked out around 1:15 in the morning.

Just Runner

I made myself get up this morning around 8:30...things to do!! I had some breakfast and then headed out for a run. Since it was cloudy, if I figured it might be a little cooler...wrong!! The humidity was quite fun and I was drenched when I came home. It makes me feel like I've worked hard when I'm soaking wet, but then I drip all over the place.

Friday, June 26
5.06 miles in 39:50, avg pace of 7:53

I lifted and did some abs when I got home, while watching an old episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, where Jon and Kate take a vacation without the kids and comment on how they need time alone to keep their marriage strong. Kind of ironic in light of their recent filing for divorce.

Healthy Runner

Are any readers attending the Healthy Living Summit?? I made the Rocket Scientist register me last night since I was working...good thing, since it sold out in fifteen minutes! I'm already excited to meet the hosts, as well as Sarah. I wonder if it's going to be more a food blog population, not so much of a running blog population, but there is definitely some overlap so let me know if I get to meet you in August! :)


  1. we will represent the running crowd! i think of my blog as a sort of random hybrid. yours definitely has that medical theme as well!

  2. Yikes, that sounds like a really rough shift at work.

    Awesome run this morning!

  3. i bet that was tough, i cant imagine going through that very often like you nurses do.

    great job getting up and running!

  4. Wow. It sounds like the other nurse was very nonchalant about the death. I can imagine that would be hard and take awhile to get used to.

    I am happy you got into the Summit! I've read on the other blogs how fast it sold out and that a lot of people were said they didn't get in.

  5. Sounds like a bad day! Sorry you had to experience your first death, it's never fun but it does get easier to experience. Wish I could go to Boston, school gets in the way:( I'm sure it will be a great time though!

  6. That's crazy, I could never be a nurse. I have always thought that either you were made to be around death/life/blood or you weren't. I was not.

    No, not going to the summit. Y'all will have fun though!

  7. I experienced my first death not to long ago, as well! Actually, two days in a row someone died! wth

  8. Healthy Living Summit? That sounds super interesting. You'll have to be sure to blog all about it.

  9. Wow, crazy, crazy day!

    I think it's admirable that you still get in some good runs after a busy day of work. Whenever I'm reading your posts, I'm like, oh my gosh, she must be EXHAUSTED! And then I read on, and you're going out for a nice run. That's fantastic! :)

  10. 6 is way too many. On my floor, we have 4 and SOMETIMES 5, but only if we're short. And we always have a tech for 2-3 of them. But we're also tele/stepdown, so the pt acuity is higher than the med-surg floor i was floated to.

  11. I've never really seen a person die...must have been a little hard.

    So sad that Jon and Kate are tanking their marriage instead of removing their kids from the spotlight and getting help. I feel horrible for those kids.