Monday, June 22, 2009

First two-a-day

Today I had my first two-a-day! Well, at least the close I'll ever get to running twice in one day. Since I don't have to be at work until 3pm, I stayed over at Princeton last night. We decided to wake up and run before I left, and that we did. However, once we got running, we realized that there really wasn't anywhere to run except on the major roads or the golf course. We ended up giving up after about a mile and a half. I wasn't happy because I haven't been getting many runs in, but we'll just have to check out new places to run. The Rocket Scientist just moved into a new apartment complex last week, so everything is still being scoped out.

Monday, June 22
1.47 miles in 12:27, avg pace of 8:29

We headed back to his apartment, showered, and I headed on my way. It was only about 10am when I got home, so I decided to do another run! I figured I'd do enough to add up to five miles for the day, so it worked out quite well. I even wore my new Princeton running shorts that the Rocket Scientist got me for my birthday...I felt smarter when I was running! (Okay, maybe not.)

Monday, June 22 - Take Two
3.66 miles in 28:24, avg pace of 7:46

Total for the day: 5.13 miles in 40:51, avg pace of 7:58

I had a bit more spring in my step the second time around, so it went much better. I was dragging this morning! I was drenched when I got home due to the humidity...even after a short run! The sun is showing its face now and then, which is a nice change from the constant rain we've been having. I lifted and did some crunches, attempting to set a routine for continued strength training.

Over the weekend, the Rocket Scientist and I were trying to iron out our fall marathon plans. He wants to try to qualify for Boston since the other three in our mini-marathon group qualified in our spring marathons. Since he ran 3:13:XX without really trying to qualify, I think he has a good shot at it, although his humble self will tell you that he just had a good running day. Since we haven't really started training yet, we're considering November marathons that we don't really have to travel to. (I kind of wanted to run the California International Marathon, but maybe next year? It would be a long trip from the east coast.)

In the Rocket Scientist's order of preference, our options are as follows:

1. Richmond Marathon, November 14. Not too big, not too small (4,000-ish in the marathon). Mostly flat. They have gummi bears at their "junk food" aid stations.
2. Harrisburg Marathon, November 8. Small. Flat course. Rocket Scientist's dad ran this as his first and only marathon back in the day.
3. Philadelphia Marathon, November 22. Big-ish city marathon! RS hasn't run a "big" marathon yet, but he worries it may be cold...especially since the water stations turned into ice last year!

We have a few weeks before training officially starts, so we don't have to make a decision yet. If you have any opinions, let me know! :)

Stay tuned for pictures from my birthday and some yummy eats, compliments of Martha! Off to work!


  1. You should definitely do Richmond! I can't speak from experience, but as a RVA native, I have plenty of good things to say about the city. There are a few meaty hills though. Oof.

  2. I'm also considering a half in the late fall! I looked at Philly, but the nine hour drive scared me. Let me know what you decide!

    Nice two-a-day! ;) I have a Harvard t-shirt that makes me feel smart, too, haha. That was until a dude at the gym asked me what house I was in at Harvard. I was like uh, right.

  3. Yay for new fun running shorts! Running in the humidity is so hard. It makes me not want to run.

    Good luck picking a marathon! I like to run races where there are lots of people cheering; it helps me to keep going!

  4. You're like an NFL player with your 2-a-days. :o) Good luck with teh marathon decision. I'd be sold at "gummy bears"!.

  5. so many marathons to try for!

  6. I loooove CIM :) you should definitely do it one of these years!!! good luck picking which one is next!

  7. I ran Philadelphia two years ago (the 1/2, I had a friend run the full) and it wasn't too cold. Its definitely something to consider though because the weather can be iffy that time of year. Great marathon otherwise.

  8. Fun choices! I liked Philadelphia last year, cold aside. And I'm going for Richmond this year if my ankle would hold up.

  9. I say go for Philly!

  10. Nice job on the 2 a day!! Loved how you said your Princeton shorts made you feel smart! Ha! They would make me feel smart too:) Good luck on your marathon choice! I say go for the one with gummi bears!

  11. Hey! First of all, happy belated b-day! I missed it due to my week-long hiatus. Sorry about that.

    Secondly, great job on the mini-two-a-day. I haven't been brave enough to do that yet, so I commend you even if it was only for a short distance.

    Thirdly, umm...i'm all about the big marathons so I choose Philly...but i think you would have known that already...

  12. I know people who have run both the Richmond and Philly and they said nice things about both. I think Philly would be cool because of the sights you can see.

    I am sure no matter which one you guys choose it will be fun.