Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to it

Annnnnnnnnd it's Monday again. This is my last week orienting on day shift, which will be good and bad. The bad part is that during day shift, I get to live like a normal during the day, do other stuff at night. The good part about switching to evenings is:

1. I do NOT like waking up at 5:45 in the morning. It is definitely not natural for me.
2. Day shift is busy in a way I don't necessarily like. Report-assessments-meds-food-bath-send people to tests, and suddenly it's 11! This may make me a bad nurse, but I am not a fan of bed baths, and with our limited nursing assistants, we end up doing a lot of them ourselves. They take time! I think evenings will be a different kind of busy that I might like more.
3. I don't really know many people around here, so I spend my evenings running and cooking anyway. Easily done in the morning/early afternoon hours. The only downside is Friday night will be spend at the
4. I get paid $1.50 more per hour! Yay for shift differentials, which add up over time.

So that's that. I think my allergies are calming down, or the allergy medicine I'm taking is kicking in. I have a weird cough, and I can't figure out where it fits in to everything, but I'm hoping it goes away soon.

I didn't feel like a truck ran me over today, so I went for a run when I got home! Of course, I had forgotten to plug in my garmin, so I had to quick charge it and hope it lasted for the run. I came so close! I planned on six miles, and garmin made it through 5.37 miles before dying.

Monday, June 8
6.06 miles in who knows how long, avg pace of ??
Stats from Garmin: 5.37 miles in 41:38, avg pace of 7:45

I ran on the nearby trail, and I got SMOKED by some tall skinny runner guy who must have been running 6:30's as an easy pace. I rarely get passed by people while running (whether I'm that fast or whether the general population isn't as fast is yet to be determined), so I felt a little defeated when he flew past me. I got over it since I was just happy to be running and not feeling like junk. It started to rain shortly after I headed out, which was actually nice since it cooled down the 80-ish degree weather, but there were TONS of puddles on the trail! I had to dodge some deeper ones to spare my shoes, but I landed in a deep one and my shoes got pretty squishy. Luckily I was close to home so it was actually kind of fun. :) Then I ran past a cop, and he waved to me! Yay for nice people.

My mom is coming on Wednesday, and I'm super excited about that!


  1. Haha I ALWAYS feel so competitive with other people working out. And I get super mad if I think people are doing better then me.

    Yay for nice cops :) rarely get those around here!

  2. Haha I don't like bed baths either, even if they are on kiddos!! That's why I work day shift, we do ours at night! Hopefully you will adjust to evening shift easily, at least you can sleep in! Great job on the run and I tink you are faster than most!!

  3. I thought I was the only one who notices when other people pass me...I don't get mad or angry or ultra competitive, but it just startles me a bit.

    I'm glad your cold is getting better. For the record, I never really liked night shifts when I had to do them because it takes 2 days to get used to it and then 2 days afterwards to get over it when it's over!

  4. I get super competitive on paths too! I hate when someone passes me, even if they are skinny runner dudes lol.

  5. HA, I use that expression "got hit by a truck" ALL the time. Don't worry, I'm competitive, too, when it comes to people passing me. Especially on a track...I've got to pass them, even when I know they're just jogging or going slow! Can't help it.

    Glad the allergies are finally calming down! And ugh, bed baths...I think one goal in life is to never have to receive one. It takes a really special person to give one...I give mass credit to nurses! Seriously.

  6. If you want some easy competition, come run with me! You'll smoke me for sure!

  7. I always check out the people who pass me! Glad you are feeling better and that things at work are going well. One more day till your mom comes!

  8. ooh, the rate differential is nice! i didn't know that night shift paid more. in a way it's backwards because it seems much busier during the day, at least at our hospital.

    i think you're fast! you would WHIZ past me. and even i don't get passed by that many people -- although that is more about there just aren't tons of runners here, or at least that frequent that paths i do.

  9. I can't imagine giving anyone a bed bath. I think it's a life goal not to ever have to.

    I don't always mind getting passed by someone who looks ultra-fit or like a super-runner. But I really hate getting passed by the 65 year old men...or pregnant ladies. (but it was super-fun to BE the pregnant lady passing other runners.:-)

  10. Hopefully this new schedule has more pluses than minuses for you. :o)

  11. Glad you're feeling better and got to run! I like passing people, too, but I rarely see people running where I run. You would definitely pass me, though.

  12. yay glad you are feeling better! sounds like night shift will fit you perfectly. great job on the running too!

  13. 6:30s! WHOA!!! I would be impressed. And you'd definitely be passing me, Susan.

    I hope you enjoy the night shift! I can't wait to read more about your new routine. And how exciting that your mom will be there tomorrow! I love it when my mom comes to visit!

  14. Hey Susan, you should definitely check out Target! I tell you what, though, I'll pick up two colors of the same shirt, same size, and one will fit me and the other will be too tight. So definitely try them on!

    Yup, I run with the high school girls on every run. I stick with the varsity girls so I can get a nice workout in. Some days, though, I might have to do my own thing because their "easy" runs are a lot slower than mine.