Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy National Running Day!!

Like every other running blog on the planet, I'm celebrating National Running Day! I didn't feel so super when I got home from work, so I headed out for short four mile run. Celebrating National Running Day with a not-so-fun isn't the best way to celebrate, but at least I got out there! It rained this afternoon, so it cooled off quite a bit and therefore was pretty good weather-wise. I didn't feel too awesome during the run...I felt sluggish, but my pace was fine.

Wednesday, June 3rd
4.15 miles in 32:43, avg pace of 7:52

I was going to lift weights/do crunches/do the pushup challenge for the day, but I didn't feel good at all post-run. Attempts at push-ups and crunches lasted about twenty seconds until I scratched them for today and ate animal crackers instead. I took some Walgreens brand sudafed, so I'm hoping that will knock this out of me. I'm currently a little drowsy, but I should go to bed early (so hard for me!), so I guess that's not a bad thing.


My preceptor and I took five patients today, which is more than I've ever had before. It's still hard for me to gauge how things are going because my preceptor does a lot for me...feeding patients, giving them baths, helping people to the bathroom, etc. They sometimes (99% of the time) send a nursing assistant home because I'm there (and therefore we're overstaffed), which makes sense for money purposes/in general, but then I don't really get an idea of what I will be doing on a daily basis versus what the aides do and how we communicate and work together. Then again, I'll be on evening shift which is a different kind of busy than morning shift, so who knows.

On an unrelated note...

With summer coming, I've noticed that there aren't really water fountains around where I run. Therefore, I'm thinking about buying a water bottle/fuel belt thing. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? I've never ran with any water/fuel on me, except for pinning gels/chews to my shorts. I might be partial to a water bottle carrier versus a fuel belt with a bunch of smaller bottles, but I'm open at this point. Thanks!


  1. Happy running day to you too :)

    Sorry you had a not so good run. We all get those. Tomorrows will be better!

  2. I bought a water bottle carrier that has the water bottle on the back of a waist belt and I've only used it once! It bounces when I run and just irritates. I have some friends who have a belt with a few smaller bottles and they like it.

  3. I'm also looking for a water bottle. I've heard the hand-held ones can strain your arm, so I've been wary to use them. That said, I haven't quite adjusted to a fuel belt with bottles around my waist either. Maybe I'll just get a hand-held bottle and throw caution to the wind. Wheee!

    Happy Running day to you too!

  4. Happy Running Day, Susan! Hope you rest well.

    To share my experiences, I always run with a water bottle. I tried fuel belts way in the beginning but didn't like the feel. It's a personal decision really. I like having my water easily accessible when I run. I don't race with it, but after my blow-up in my last race, I'm thinking of at least starting the first few miles in races with one from now on. Maybe.

    Hang in there with your nurse duties. I have trouble sometimes knowing where the aides responsibilities end and the nurses begin at my hospital too, but I find it's really flexible with some things. In the end, it's about delivering the right patient care so I try to keep that in mind too.

  5. I use a fuel belt. To be honest they can be annoying, but the fluids are needed. I the fuel belt that hold 4 bottles, but I usually only fill up the front 2 unless I am going over 13 miles or it is really hot.

  6. I usually just carry a water bottle with me. Not in a special carrier or anything, just in my hands. It's not the most convenient but it works for me.

  7. I don't like running with a fuel belt but now that it's hotter, gotta do it. Sometimes I will drive and plant water/gatorade along the route to avoid the belt. Otherwise, I use a Nathan belt with two bottles. I also have a hand held bottle for shorter runs. You get used to the belt sloshing after the first mile or so.

  8. I've never carried a water bottle on a run...usually I just stop in a fast food restaurant at a halfway point and ask for water. But for super long runs, I can see how a belt would be effective (maybe a small-sized one, too...I wouldn't want something super bulky bouncing up and down on me!)

  9. I have a belt with two small bottles that I wear on my back. I really like it, except I feel like it pushes on my stomach and it rubbed one of my shirts into a fuzzy mess. But other than that, I like it ;)