Saturday, February 21, 2009

Auto Show!

Fun day today! Well, at least the second half was fun. I woke up to a winter wonderland (of sorts), as it snowed about two inches overnight. It continued to snow on and off throughout the day, which wasn't too bad, but the WIND. Oh the wind. It could definitely push you over! I headed out for my ten miles this morning, and I saw tons of people out with their snow blowers, but only one other person out running. That's when I feel accomplished...when I'm out there, but no one else is out there braving the weather! It was sooooo windy on the way out, but on the way back I could totally feel the wind pushing me along, which is a definite help! Legs felt awesome as well...good end to my cut back week, and hopefully next week will be a fantastic jump in mileage!

Saturday, February 21
10.16 miles in 1:22:16, avg pace of 8:06

After lunch, my dad and I headed down to the Chicago Auto Show, which is a huge event every year. There are rumored to be about 1,000 cars there, which just goes to show how big the convention center is! The real stars of the show are the concept cars, which are prototypes to display new technologies, styles, and designs. The Corvette Stingray was quite fantastic, probably the best at the show! We also saw Lamborghinis and Ferraris, just to name a few! I love Porsche, but for whatever reason they didn't come to the Auto Show this year! Probably a result of the economy, but I was still disappointed. At least I got to see a bunch of other cars, and sit in a few cars that I can only dream of owning!


  1. I always feel so tough when I'm running in bad weather. It's cool that nothing stops us!

    And the wind...geez, it was so bad the other day. Made for a pretty miserable run.

  2. What a great run! Thank you for your tips about enjoying my first race. The training is finally becoming enjoyable, so that is progress :)