Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chicago with Mom!

Fun day today! My mom goes to a doctor in downtown Chicago, and she had an evening appointment, so I went with her and then we did some shopping and went out to dinner! I haven't been to Chicago to do anything non-school related in a long time, so it was quite fun. I LOVE Chicago and think it's (one of) the greatest city(ities) in the world, so it's exciting whenever I head down there. Michigan Ave is THE place to be for shopping in Chicago, so we walked around there and my mom told me stories about when she used to work in the city a loooooong time ago. Apparently Walgreens (a drugstore!) used to service lunch, so they would go there for a lunch a couple times a week, which is kind of a foreign idea to me since their grocery items are rather limited now. We walked past a Garmin store, so I wanted to go in and looks at the watches, of course! Garmin also has devices for planes and boats, which I didn't know...kind of crazy, if you ask me. They also have a dog tracking device, which I think is funny...and definitely something my sister would buy!

After shopping, we headed to the Grand Lux Cafe on the recommendation of my mom's coworker. Everything reminded me of The Cheesecake Factory, who apparently owns them, so that made sense. We got an awesome booth that overlooked the intersection of Michigan and Ontario, so it was fun to people-watch while eating! I had a tasty pulled pork sandwich, and my mom had a burger...both were excellent! Dessert looked tempting, but we were both full so we passed. I think you have to go to places like The Cheesecake Factory ONLY for dessert if you want because the desserts are meals in themselves...but oh so yummy!

I was definitely hungry for dinner tonight after my run this morning, and the craziness of work yesterday. When we get busy at work, it's non-stop and time flies...but we're running the entire time! Definitely exhausting.

Monday, January 16th
3.05 miles in 23:58, avg pace of 7:52

I tend to run a little on the faster side if I run after work. I think my legs are all warmed up from being on my feet all day, so I don't have to spend the beginning waking up my legs.

Tuesday, January 17th
7.25 miles in 55:13, avg pace of 7:37

I did NOT want to run this morning! However, like 99% of the time, I felt much better once I got out there. My mile splits were: 7:54, 8:00, 8:01, 7:39, 7:32, 7:11, 7:04, 1:48 (7:07). Those were some flying miles at the end, which was possibly a little too fast, but it felt good! Definitely made me feel better because my legs have been tired the past few days.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am so impressed with your running achievements! I just signed up for my first race (10k) and I am nervous! Any good training tips?

  2. you are sooo speedy! i am jealous.

    i also LOVE LOVE LOVE chicago. only been there once though ... i ran the marathon last year. i told my friends i would have to visit in the middle of the winter so i wouldn't move there. (can't beat California's weather ...)

    also, i have no idea how you run after being on your feet at work. i'm at work right now (hence the comment posted at 3:15am my time) and my legs throb afterwards sometimes ... ugh.

  3. great job on the runs!!! you are SO speedy!!! i am the same way about running after work, i get warmed up way faster. sounds like a great night in the city :)

  4. Wow, sounds like you run fast after work AND in the morning! :) Nice runs.

    That sounds like a really fun and special day with your mom in Chicago! I've never been but it sounds like a fun city.

  5. I have only heard GREAT things about Chicago!!! I can't wait to visit there some day. I heard the buildings are goegeous.