Monday, February 23, 2009

New Shoes!!

In general, I hate spending money...I would rather walk two miles than pay two dollars for a bus. My most impulsive buy ever was purchasing all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, but to my defense, they were $15 per season, which is an extreme bargain if you've ever bought a season of anything on DVD. Anyway, despite my admitted frugality, I have absolutely no problem spending money on running shoes, and I will buy them at a drop of a hat. Of course, I usually buy the previous season's model, as they are generally much cheaper this way. I've heard rumors that running shoes have a "shelf life" and that it's not a good idea to buy "old" shoes, but I generally get the same mileage out of them anyway, so I figure I'll save myself a buck (or forty) and get last season's.

I've been running in Brooks shoes, namely the Adrenaline, since my junior year of high school. I just went through five pairs of the Adrenaline 6, and I LOVE them. Carried me through both of my marathons. Running Warehouse has awesome deals on shoes right now, including the Adrenaline 8, so of course I jumped right on that! Two pairs are coming my way on Thursday...woohoo! (Running Warehouse offers free two day shipping, which is also a good deal)! I normally might be a little wary about ordering shoes online (I'm "that girl" who runs in the shoes back and forth in the store for half an hour), but these shoes have been consistent in their fit, so I'm pretty confident that they will work out.

I have about 220 miles on my current shoes, so I'll definitely need two more pairs to be set for marathon day, since I usually get about 350-400 miles out of each pair. I don't rotate my shoes, but I'm going to try that to hopefully stretch them a little longer.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes, or do you switch between brands/shoes within brands? Sometimes I think about trying something new, but then again...why fix something that isn't broken?

Anyway, run for the day!

Monday, January 23
4.05 miles in 33:20, avg pace of 8:14

Cold, cold day again! It was about 8 degrees when I ran this morning...March is around the corner and I couldn't be more excited for a glimpse of spring. Mileage is starting to bump up this week, as the 3-milers turn into 4-milers and the 7-milers into 8-milers. I need to remind myself to slooooow down, which is something I need to have on repeat because it's hard to slow down when you feel good!


  1. I rotate two pairs of shoes! I've run in Kayanos for several years but am open to test other models. Like the GT2140 I'm using now.
    I like to get my shoes on discount, too. I'm going to check out your link. Thanks!

  2. I just discovered Brooks during my first proper shoe fitting in September. I have SUPER flat, wide feet, and this pair really changed my entire running experience!
    You deserve those shoes! I generally hate spending money on footwear too, but you earn it with all the mileage you clock!

  3. i love new shoes!!! my first pair were brooks, but now i run in asics keyanos... i LOVE them. i have 2 new pair in my closet waiting right now :)