Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Towel animals are AWESOME

It was back to a frigid 8 degrees for my three mile run, but I guess it warmed up to the teens later in the day. I went to a baby shower/housewarming party for a server at work, which was fun. She pretty much has her entire house all decorated and it looks so good! She painted a couple rooms in a deep red color, which looks awesome even though people say it makes the room look smaller. We all brought baby gifts, and I prior to going shopping at Babys R Us, I never knew that babies had so much stuff! Baby wipes warmers, twelve different kinds of blankets...it's really crazy, but all the stuff is so cute! My kids will be decked out in Bears and Cubs clothes (and "Run Mom Run" onesies!), that's for sure. Run for the day:

Tuesday, February 3
3.02 miles in 24:55, avg pace of 8:14

It was so cold again! Just your typical three mile run...nothing fancy, kept the pace in check. I'm ready for it to be warm again...I probably sound like a broken record, but it could at least be in the high 20's...that's not too much to ask!

I think we all need some warm fuzzies (with the cold and the economy and all), so what better way than to check out some towel animals! Cruises are famous for providing guests with towel animals, and we got a different one with turn down each night. They're so cute!

Our first night, we got this walrus guy...complete with boyfriend's sunglasses!

Nassau brought us this dog, who looks all chill in my sunglasses.

Half Moon Cay...Sooo, I'm pretty much obsessed with elephants, and that little guy in a tux is named Gatsby. He has a tux because he went to prom with me, and yes, his cummerbund is a scrap from when I got my prom dress altered, so we matched. I left Gatsby out in hopes that our housekeeping guy would make us an elephant...success!

Thanks to the glory of self-timer, we got a picture of us together with the bear in Grand Turk!

I am terrified of snakes, and I saw the people across the hall from us had a snake towel, so I was hoping we wouldn't get one...but we did. At least I made the best of the situation during our day at sea!

Okay, I hope you all got some warm fuzzies out of that! You could always learn how to make your own towel animals....could be fun!!

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