Sunday, February 8, 2009

"You were gone for a really long time!"

The title of this post is compliments of my ever-observant father, who noted that I had been gone for a long time when I returned home from running. :)

We got a glimpse of spring here in Chicago, which made for some nice running weather. Yesterday it reached 55 degrees...good for running, not food for the breakfast/lunch restaurant business! We were sooooo slow in the morning (I decided everyone was out watching their cars), so two servers were sent home before noon. We then got a huge rush of people (we had a 25 minute waiting list!), which made it absolutely insane for the rest of the time. I thought I was caught up, and then I would get another table. This, of course, is good for my bank account, but I feel bad when my service is lacking because I'm running around the entire time.

The last thing I wanted to do when I got home from running around work was run, but it's too hard to pass up shorts weather...and I like to stick to my schedule! Hal called for six miles at marathon pace (yet to be determined...), and here's what we ended up with:

Saturday, January 7th
6.09 miles in 45:24, avg pace of 7:27

Clearly NOT marathon pace...I blame the weather because I think that paces feel different based on the temperature, not to mention the fact that I only had on one layer of clothing, versus the usual three! Of course, I wondered if the faster-than-usual run would affect my long run today, but it turned out just fine. Here are the states for my Sunday long run:

Sunday, January 8th
13.14 miles in 1:48:58, avg pace of 8:18
Splits: 8:14, 8:17, 8:29, 8:30, 8:20, 8:27, 8:24, 8:29, 8:19, 8:15, 8:08, 7:48, 1:01 (7:25)

I was proud of myself for this long run! The pace felt comfortable, and I ended strong. I definitely added on the last 0.1 mile so I could say I ran a half marathon today! :) The real test of the day was trying out my gels! I only ended up taking one around mile 6.5...I was planning on using two, but I couldn't bring myself to take another one later in my run. I tried the PowerBar Gel in Strawberry Banana, and while the flavor was okay, I really can't deal with the texture. I took about 1/3 of the gel and then swallowed some water...then I spent the next five minutes psyching myself up to take the rest of it. It felt like I was back in college when someone would offer a shot that I didn't want to take (not that I took many shots in college...but just saying). I squeezed a little gel into my mouth and then immediately drank some water before I was able to spit it back out.

The texture is what really gets to me, so maybe I just need to adjust to it or try a different brand. I never felt tired during the long run, which I suppose means that the gel did its job, and I definitely want to use some kind of energy food, but I'm still working on which one. Next weekend is another opportunity to experiment, so hopefully I can work on getting the gels down.

Upcoming this week: NCLEX! (Board exam for nurses!) Wish me luck!!


  1. awesome job on the runs!!!!

    good luck on your test this week!

  2. ditto to what aron said, and good luck on the NCLEX! i will be thinking of you :)

  3. Excellent running! Great times-Good Luck!