Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I need a job...

I'm not going to lie...this whole "job search" this is absolutely terrible. Nursing jobs are extremely limited in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area (at least in the parts I'm looking!), especially for new graduate nurses. The biggest lead I had was an interview in January, and I was supposed to have another phone interview with them after I got home from my cruise, but despite three voicemails, they have yet to return my calls. I was in contact with a nurse recruiter at another hospital, and I emailed her to update about passing the boards, and she replied to inform me that they are only taking internal applicants for their new-to-practice positions. Alright then, sorry I didn't have $90,000 to attend your school of nursing (where I REALLY wanted to go...but honestly, nurses don't make THAT much money, so I couldn't justify it). I've also gotten multiple, "Although we were impressed with your qualifications and experience, we decided to go with someone who more closely fits our employment needs." I love generic rejection letters, especially when they end with, "Please continue to check our employment website for future opportunities!" Will do, buddy.

I'm possibly expanding my search to nursing home type places, which I really don't want to do. My sister is a nurse at an assisted living facility and she loves it, but it's definitely not my cup of tea. This is mostly frustrating because part of me just wants to move and get some random job (i.e. another waitress job, etc.) while I search for a nursing job, but then I'm like...well...Do I get an apartment in Philly and hope some hospital in Philly has openings? What if I don't get a job in Philly?...I don't want to commute OUT of the city. Should I move somewhere in Princeton? Opportunities are limited there as well, and my license is in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey, although I could always get a NJ license. Such questions...

Now you know what I think about when I run! Today was a rainy, easy three miler.

Wednesday, February 11
3.06 miles in 25:52, avg pace of 8:28

Nothing too exciting, although my legs felt like they had a little more pep than yesterday, and the easy pace definitely helped with that. Splashed in a giant puddle after about 3/4 of a mile, so I had the whole soggy shoe situation going for the rest of the time, but I figured that gave me reason to splash in the puddles I saw the rest of the way since my socks were already soaked! We must embrace the five year old in us when we can. :)

Time to make chicken fajitas for dinner (yum!)...Thanks for listening (reading?) my blabber!


  1. You might have mentioned it in a previous post, but what specialty are you hoping to get into?

    Have you tried the hospitals in the periphery of Philly? I'm thinking of Abington & the likes.

    NJ's got Cooper, Robert Wood, Deborah, etc. not so far from Philly.

    Have you also thought of Christiana in Delaware?

    Good luck!

  2. Susan, Cox health systems down here is always hiring and giving huge sign on bonus'

  3. Sucks about the job situation. At least you can channel your frustrations into running!

  4. Man, that really stinks. What if you lived right outside the city, in Conshohocken or something? Then you'd be close to commute in or work in the burbs.