Thursday, February 5, 2009


A few weeks ago, we received a door-to-door solicitation saying that our household could potentially be selected to participate in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Well, we were selected, and since I was in the age range that was being selected, I was able to participate in this survey! The survey is "the Federal Government's primary source of national data on the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances. The survey also contains questions on health, illegal behaviors, and other topics associated with substance abuse." About 70,000 people, ages twelve and older, will be survey this year, and I represent about 4,500 people who are similar to me. That's a lot of pressure! The information gathered is used to determine a need for drug treatment facilities, drug use prevention programs (such as D.A.R.E., which you might remember from elementary school), and to monitor drug control strategies. The results from the survey will be posted here near the end of the year, although last year's results are already up. I admittedly am rather naive when it comes to various illegal substances, so I didn't even know what some of the questions were asking about. However, I did my duty to society...and received monetary compensation for an hour of my time! Good deal.

This morning included my lovely three mile run, where I tried to embrace the idea of running s-l-o-w. A speedy three mile run isn't going to help my marathon at all, and instead could leave me tired for the weekend long runs, especially now that the mileage is climbing. I need to remember not to panic when my garmin tells me that my pace is 8:30...that's not slow at all! I definitely should be doing more of my runs around that pace anyway. So, the run for today:

Thursday, February 5
3.02 miles in 25:22, avg pace of 8:25

Tomorrow will be a rest day before gearing up for a 13 miler on Sunday! Awesome.

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  1. i wish 8:30 was my slow run! you are speeeedy :) it is ok to run slower sometimes, actually good for you! :) have a great 13 miler this weekend!!!

  2. We both finished our first marathon in the same time! Sorry I'm late congratulating you...I just found your blog!

  3. 5 seconds...I think we can call it a tie!!

    When do you think you're moving to Philly? There are some great places to run. There's a route where you can run over 20 miles only crossing 2 streets...sooo nice!!