Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Decisions and Testudo Pumpkin!

I woke up a little earlier today than usual (around 7:15) because I wanted to get my run in before work, and I’ve found that I like eating before running, so I needed to digest a little first!  It’s a good thing I woke up when I did because our neighbors are having their driveway replaced, and the workers showed up at 7:30 to start chiseling away the driveway!  Since I can’t sleep through anything (really…breathe too loud and you will wake me up), I’m glad I didn’t have plans to sleep in today.  It reminded me of college when the garbage men would empty the dumpsters outside my dorm at 6:30 in the morning, or when they were doing construction outside my window at the same time.  6:30 in the morning on a college campus??  Are you crazy??  People are sleeping!  Anyway, I survived.

Eight miles on the docket for today.  It was supposed to rain all day, but it held off…must be my good luck holding over from yesterday!  It’s still cloudy, grey, windy-ish, and in the high 30’s, so it’s kind of a blah day.  The sun is supposed to show up tomorrow, so hip hip hooray for that!  I totally wasn’t feeling the run because it was gross outside, but things turned around once I got going.

Tuesday, April 14
8.03 miles in 59:51, avg pace of 7:27

Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to have some pep in my step during the second half of the run.  I’m just waiting for the day to come when I can retire my tights for the summer…

You may remember my little dilemma over which marathon to run, and I still haven’t come to a conclusion yet!  Boyfriend’s shins are feeling better, but he got sick at the end of last week, so he missed the planned 20 miler.  Boo!  I’m still nervous about doing the Delaware Marathon because I don’t know about the job situation (yet!  ugh), and it might be warm on that day.  The Wisconsin Marathon would be in its first year, and it’s SO SOON, but I’d start tapering this week and it would be fine.  I tried to discuss the situation with the boy, and he’s realllllly set on running a marathon together.  I guess he doesn’t care what kind of time we run, since he ran his first in 3:23, and I don’t really plan on running faster than that.  He just wants to do one side-by-side.  (Which is fine, but the Delaware Marathon??  If I knew he wanted to do one just “for fun,” we could have picked a much more exciting marathon.  But I digress.)

My maybe-possibly-I-could-be-crazy plan is as follows:  Do the Wisconsin Marathon on May 2, and run for my BQ (fingers crossed!  knock on wood!).  Then, on May 17, run the Delaware Marathon with the boy and therefore earn my spot as a Marathon Maniac.  I have zero experience with running two marathons in the same year, let alone the same month, but if we’re just going to do a marathon for fun, then why not?  My legs have felt pretty good after my 20 milers, and while I know there’s a huge difference between 20 miles and 26.2 miles, I would like to think that my recovery wouldn’t be miserable between the two.


Last, but certainly not least, here’s my work of art circa Halloween 2007.  Testudo Pumpkin!!
 Halloween 011Halloween 010
I did them both on the same pumpkin, just a little offset from each other.  The top one is the old school mascot, and the second one is the more recent mascot.  I love my Terps!!


  1. Ooh, what a dilemma. It just depends on how well you typically recover from marathons, and how injury-prone you are (which doesn't seem to be like much). And also it might depend on what goals your boyfriend has for his race. But it sounds like he just wants to run one with you. :)

    I hope you figure something out and also that you find out about that job soon! I can't wait to see how your race(s) go!!

  2. Yaaay! Go Terps!

    I totally had that same problem with the garbage trucks in the morning when I was in the dorms! And a few times ROTC would do drills by our window. Ugh.

  3. I think that sounds like a great plan. You can do Delaware for your BQ and then run easier (if you do such a thing) with your boyfriend and his unhappy shins in Wisconsin. (For selfish reasons, I also want you to do this so I can see how becoming a marathon maniac happens!)

    Granted, I've never run a marathon, so who am I to be giving out my opinion on these things?

  4. Wow, those are awesome pumps.

    Dave and I are running the half-marathon together and we have matching tshirts and everything! I highly recommend it.

    Also, I don't know how you feel about this, but wouldn't it be SO ROMANTIC if the boy popped the question at the end of the marathon you just ran together? I'm just sayin...(and obviously I have weddings on the brain since I'm t-minus three months from my own).

  5. The garbage truck always used to come super early to our place in college, too! I remember being woken up by that dumb truck many times!

    So cool that you took a cake decorating class! Thanks for the frosting recipe advice; I'll have to google that. :-) I really want to try to make some fun cupcakes for my friend's recital coming up.

    Good luck with your running decision! I've never run a full marathon, let alone 2 in one month, but it looks like you're a pretty amazing runner!

  6. Very impressive pumpkins.

    Oy - if you sleep that lightly, you might have some trouble sleeping during the day!

  7. good luck deciding!!! i was kind of in the same spot, so i am doing eugene to go for the bq and then doing another one (sd) 4 weeks later with all my friends, but just for fun. if you think you can do it then go for it!

  8. You will definitely BQ, you are so fast! If you are going to run the 2nd marathon at a nice, easy pace and really run it for "fun", then go for it.

  9. Comment in many parts:

    Oh my god the dumpsters, what were they thinking! Worst thing to wake up to ever!

    As far as marathons, I think you'd be OK doing both. You runs seem to be solid, you seem to be recovering well, go for it!

    And that Testudo pumpkin is awesome!

  10. I've heard of a lot of people running marathons in the same month! It's amazing! Listen to your body - it will tell you if you can do it.

    I'll try to wave to you as you pass me at the Wisconsin Marathon (I am running the half) while you BQ. Woo-hoo! :)