Monday, April 6, 2009

Possible change of plans?

As expected, I woke up to about an inch and a half of snow on the ground. SO SAD. I was planning to take a picture to document my misery, but I forgot this morning and all the snow is now melted away! I'm quite pumped about that. The good thing about the snow was that it was enough to coat the ground, but the streets and sidewalks were warm enough that they were perfectly clear when I headed out for my run. Minus a little bit of wind, it was actually quite nice weather-wise. The sneaky part was that the sun would shine bright and then hide behind the clouds, which really made for quite the temperature difference between the two. I was secretly not super exciting about running today, between a busy day yesterday and the snow, but as always, it was great once I got going.

Monday, April 6
10.22 miles in 1:18:20, avg pace of 7:40

Now for my current dilemma. I was originally planning on running the Delaware Marathon on May 17th. This marathon wasn't really picked for any good reason, other than that it is close to New Jersey (where the boyfriend lives), and his grad-school-running-buddy-friend wanted a small, flat marathon in May-ish. Delaware fits the bill. I figured that would be easy enough, as we were picking a spring marathon way back in December, and I thought I'd have a job and be working out east by March or April. Last week when my boyfriend's shin started to hurt, I scoped out alternative marathons, as there wasn't necessarily any sense in me heading out to Delaware to run with him if he wasn't going to run. I haven't registered yet so it wouldn't be an issue to switch.

Soooo anyway, I found the Wisconsin Marathon, which is May 2nd (the weekend of weekends for marathons, since there are at least five that I know of). It would be easy enough to switch, as I would finish out my 50 mile week and then have a three week taper. Since I'm following Hal Higdon's Intermediate II plan, I'd essentially just be cutting out weeks 14 and 15 (a recovery week followed by one last 50 miles week before the taper). I don't know how much of a difference having those two weeks of training would be. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have another 20 miler under my belt, but I'm not setting records here anyway. I've always been a little worried about the weather for a May 17th marathon, as that is late enough for a heat wave to come in...after Chicago 2007, hot hot marathons are not my thing.

This would be easier to figure out if the whole job thing wasn't so up in the air...if I get the job I interviewed for a few weeks ago, my start date would be May 18th, the day after Delaware. Of course, I'm not guaranteed this job by any means, so I can't really plan around it.

I'll think about it this week and see how the boyfriend's shins are doing after the 20 miler this week, although he's saying right now that he thinks he'll be okay to run. Any thoughts? I'm sure I'm overanalyzing...

Also, I know I should cheer for UNC tonight because of that whole ACC thing, but GO MICHIGAN STATE!!


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  1. UNC?? Isn't that treason for a Terp? ;)

  2. i say switch it! as long as wisconsin is nice and flat as well. i agree that may 17 in delaware is more likely to be a heat wave than wisconsin, and i don't think those 2 weeks will make a big difference.

    as for UNC, as a blue devil i cannot and will not go there. GO MICHIGAN STATE.

  3. Hmmm decisions, decisions. They both sound like good courses so I say wait and see how the situation develops with the bf's shins and the job situation.

  4. I wish I could run like you! It's so awesome that you just pump out over 10 miles in a daily run!

    Yes, batch cooking is a great thing when I have time to do it! :-)

  5. i tagged you on my site to do a questionnaire. have fun.

  6. Ooh, I hate having too many things up in the air, it drives me nuts.

    Harrison's shins are hurting too. What is up with that? Stupid boyfriend shins.

  7. I think you should def cancel the May 17 marathon...even if just to make the decision easier on yourself. I hate having things up in the air too, so what I usually do is either procrastinate and pretend they're not happening or I freak out to my mom and Dave until one of them tells me what to do.

    It sounds like you can do the May 2 marathon, though. Even if you have a job lined up, odds are that you won't be working on a Saturday. But knowing that you have that weekend booked, you can just tell any employer/potential employer that it's blocked off of your schedule. Nobody's going to cancel an interview or retract a job offer just because you're busy on the weekend of May 2.

  8. Hmmm...that is quite a little dilemma. But I say, go with what fits into your life and work schedule. Two weeks of training more or less won't make that much of a difference in your case, I don't think. If you're looking for a flat one on the easy coast, the New Jersey Marathon is also on 5/2...but I guess wait to see how your boyfriend's 20 miler goes this weekend and then decide.

  9. i don't think 2 weeks is going to bother your training. You are such a strong runner, I think the switch would be easy.

    Oh, and sorry about State!