Friday, April 24, 2009

Last long run!

Today was my last "long" run before the marathon next Saturday! I use quotations marks because eight miles doesn't really seem like a long run to me anymore, which is a good sign for next week! It is GLORIOUSLY warm here (high of 85 today!!!!), which made for a toasty run. I ditched my shirt after two miles and then had high hopes that the water fountains would be turned on. When I reached the water fountain, it was still dry. However, I did run past multiple fire hydrant flushings, so I'm thinking that means that the water fountains will be turned on soon! Maybe? Hopefully?

Friday, April 24
8.07 miles in 1:02:31, avg pace of 7:45

Soooo I probably ran too fast today, and I definitely plan on running a little slower come marathon day (I will outline my grand plan in the coming days!), but it was a good last long run. The pace felt good, so knowing that I plan on going a little slower on the big day makes me think that the distance will come along as well. At least that's what I'm telling myself, especially since my little four mile runs this week felt like they took forever. Those are the days when I'm like...26 miles?? How am I supposed to do THAT??

Crazy taper thoughts, I'm thinking.

When I got back, I grabbed a book and headed outside to soak up the sun for a little bit. My pasty Chicago whiteness scares me sometimes, and I figured a little vitamin D would be good for me. It's our first 80 degree day since sometime in October (fact compliment of the newspaper), so woohoo!! We'll see if it sticks around at all.

Alright, off to enjoy the rest of the day, and I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods!


  1. Wow, that's fast. Good luck this week leading up the marathon. Take care of yourself.

  2. Love it. I have a 7 miler tomorrow and an 8 miler next Wednesday, and I'm having the same thoughts: "How the frick am I going to do that?" It's nice to hear that even good runners feel that way sometimes (about much longer runs, but still).

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  3. Yay for last long run! I will be doing 8 as well.

    Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one struggling this week! Hopefully I'm just mentally and physically preparing for the big day...

    Also...yay for nice weather!!

  4. I couldn't help it - I bumped up my 8 to a 10 yesterday. It was just sooo beautiful.

    ONE WEEK :)

  5. Nice! A great confidence booster for the big race!

  6. Good luck with the marathon! You're so speedy! I know you'll run an awesome race!

  7. I totally took advantage of the warm weather today too, doing a 12 miler (yeah, I shouldn't have). I love that you can train so much that you get to the point where 8 is no big deal. Isn't that amazing! I can't wait to read more as you prep for Kenosha! (It makes me feel good to not be the only blogger talking so much about it!)

  8. Great job on the 8 miler! I love nice weather!!

  9. Ahhh, you're so speedy! This warm weather is really getting me down, so props for continuing to be so fast!

    No weird taper thoughts--you're going to do a great job!

  10. Isn't it awesome that 8 is a 'short' run? I was bitching to my husband that I only ran 5 last Tuesday, and then realized that 'only 5 miles' is such an awesome statement about my fitness level!

    I know you're going to have an AWESOME marathon.

  11. Hi!

    Thanks for the comment! And no, you're not being creepy at all haha! I've been reading about your running adventures too! I've recently started seriously running so reading other big time runners' blogs really helps :-) Can't wait to read more!

    Tell your brother thank you for his service to our country! And thank you for the sweet words for my hubby!

    Good luck on your marathon!!! That's awesome!

  12. Summer in friggin Chitown. Wish I could be there.

  13. Oooh it's next Saturday!

    Looks like you ran about your normal running pace, so I don't think you went too fast since you're over a week away. I like to take it reallllly easy the last few days.

  14. I think it's completely natural to run your last long run before marathon day kind of fast. I always have to consciously slow myself down by reminding myself that these last runs are more about recovery than training. Someone also told me once that you can't do anything in the last 2 weeks to improve your time, but you can do a lot of things that will destroy it...

    Anyway, enjoy the nice weather and good luck in your marathon!

  15. Ooohhhh please send some of that warm, glowing, vitamin D up my way!! We have a lot of sun in Alaska this time of year but its not the hot sun i'm used to (living in the South my whole life.) I miss it! Soak up extra for me!