Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of those days...

Do you ever have "one of those days?" Today was my "one of those days." I like to think I'm a fairly positive person, but the combination of a bunch of little things can really get to me sometimes. Today's a rest day for me (as is tomorrow!), so I can't take my frustrations out on a run. My lovely readers get to enjoy them all instead! Feel free to skip over this post, I promise to be back to happiness and RUNNING talk soon! Life's little annoyances, as follows:

Pending Cold

I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday, which I tried to attack with tea with honey, salt water gurgling, and throat lozenges. My throat felt better this morning, but I still feel kind of icky-ish. I chugged green tea + regular tea + honey at work, and I'm hoping some rest tonight will knock it out. They also had some "Emergen-C Super Energy Booster" powders at work, which is basically 100000000% of your daily need of vitamin C, so I might as well try one. The worst that could happen is I end up with some very vitamin-rich urine. Now is NOT the time to get sick.

Annoying Customers

I had a customer today who told me not once, not twice, but THREE times that I needed to write down his order, for fear of me messing it up. Normally, I write down everyone's order, but if it's only one or two people and it's simple, I don't bother because after a year and a half of working there, I can remember that you ordered a coffee, an OJ, an omelet, and blueberry pancakes. This guy made me repeat what he ordered, and when I got something "wrong," (which he did NOT tell me in the first place), he went on to tell me for the first time that I should write things down. When his food came out, he said he wanted a separate plate for part of his food, which he didn't tell me in the first place. Told me again to write things down. I don't actually have ESP, so I can't remember things if you never tell me them. Later I think he felt bad and he tried to rationalize telling me to write things down. Okay, you do your job, and let me do mine. I'm a good server, thanks.

It might have been okay if it ended here, but he came back to give me my tip, and he further went on to comment on how the bus boys handle dirty dishes and then reset the tables with silverware. This could mean that they touch where someone has been eating and then teach clean forks with the same hands. Understandable, yes. But he didn't stop there. Like many restaurants, our bus boys are Mexican. He went on to comment that, although they may not have been to Mexico recently, you can't be too careful with things like the swine flu going around. I had to hold my tongue. Obviously our bus boys commute from Mexico City on a daily basis. What??

The Job Hunt

I've applied to 121 jobs and had two interviews. During the first one, they explained that they don't usually hire new grads (...why am I here?) and they tried to reschedule my interview the day before I was scheduled to interview (I bought a plane ticket to come, can you squeeze me in? Thanks.). Then they never returned any of my phone calls. Fantastic. I'm still waiting to hear from interview #2, which was six weeks ago. Thye need to have the position "approved" before they can offer it to me, meaning they need to make sure that the budget allots for hiring another nurse. Understandable. I asked them two weeks ago when they would know this. "Soon," they said. I asked them last week when they would know. "Soon," they said. I asked them today when they would know about the approval. "The position will be approved by Tuesday." Does this mean it WILL be approved, or it is still PENDING approval? Oh, it's still pending. Tuesday is thirteen days before I'm supposed to start. That means that I would have to give notice at my current job, find an apartment, pack all my stuff, and move halfway across the country in twelve days. It would obviously be fine because I don't have anything else on the table job-wise, but seriously, this is a bit ridiculous in my book. Is this normal?

Jury Duty

In the mail today, I received a summons for standby jury duty at the end of May. Basically, I have to call the night before I'm supposed to report for jury duty to see if they want me to come in. This really isn't a tragedy, more of an annoyance. I'm assuming you can get out of jury duty if you move out of the state? If that even happens. Who knows.

New Car!

Okay, I'll throw something positive in here. Our beloved minivan died a few weeks ago (transmission!), so my parents decided it was time to buy a new car. My father is well known for his ability to take months (or YEARS) to make a decision, but today the price was right and my mom and I headed out to buy a new car. We are now the proud owners of a 2009 Honda Civic EX. (The EX means it has a moonroof, which is all my mom really cared about.) Woohoo!

In conclusion...

The weather is still looking good for Saturday! I just need to kick this cold, and then I can use the marathon to run off all the little things! Thanks for reading my list of life's little stresses! Overall, I know that I lead a very good life and have a lot to be thankful for, but sometimes life just gets to you. Tomorrow is a new day!


  1. ahhh i hate those days!!! i was also feeling "off" and i dont know if its my imagination or what so i went straight to the store to get zicam... it works! also i have been taking at least one emergenc everyday on top of my normal vitamins during taper :) feel better and hope tomorrow is a better day!

  2. Hang in there! Sadly, I have those days all the time; you just have to look on the bright side to get through them.

  3. I think it's this week - I, too, have been a little off! Emergen-C rocks, though - so I'm sure you'll kick the yuck-symptoms soon.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that the job situation works out. If there's always a nursing shortage, how come nurses can't get jobs? (I ask, & then mother is a professor of nursing, so I hear about it a LOT.)

  4. That customer sounds hilarious, from my secondhand perspective of course. If I actually had to deal with him, I probably would have freaked out on him (I have zero patience).

    Emergen-c WORKS. The day before my conference cross country meet this fall, I was feeling like death so I drank probably 4 packets over the course of 24hrs. Even up to a couple hours before the race, I wasn't feeling 100%. But once I got rolling, everything clicked and I had a great race. It will work out!

  5. ooooohhh good for you keeping your cool with the customer! What an a**hole! I feel your pain, i waited tables for a long time too. Some people just have no respect!

  6. I hope tomorrow is better for you!! I'm sorry you can't find a job! I can't believe you are having such a tough time.I never had any issues finding one even before I graduated (I'm sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear). If you want to move to Memphis, you could find one in a heartbeat. But I know the right one will come along and hopefully they will let you know tomorrow if you need to pack up and move!!

  7. cheer up girl! i had a bad couple of days last month and TRUST me it gets better :)

  8. So sorry to hear about the day :-(

    That customer really sounded like a PIA!

    And for the job thing - ugh. Seems like so many places are in a budget crunch.

    As for the weekend... GOOD LUCK!!!!

  9. That customer sounds like a real jackass. That alone would have ruined my day, let alone all the other annoying things!

    I hope tomorrow is better--meaning no cold, good news from the job, and no snarky customers!

  10. so many things going on! that is SO frustrating about the job hunt. i hope things turn around for you quickly! is it the locations that you want that is making it so hard, or are things just super tight all around?

  11. I had one of those days too. I hear you with a cold. I have a combination of allergies and virus. Luckily, the sore throat didn't last long, but the nose is killing me!

  12. We have a client who expects us to read their minds as well. They get all pissed that we follow the originally proposed schedule, because they have additional deadlines they won't share with us. How are we supposed to know about them? And that Mexico comment would have thrown me over the edge.

    I could not believe the shit I had to deal with when I was interviewing. People seem pretty inconsiderate these days. Made me wonder if I actually want to work for them.

  13. Those are freakin' annoying stressers and it sucks too that you can't go for a run so I understand. I think it really is just one of those days and you have to forget about them as soon as it's over. You have a big race coming up so you need as little negative energy and as much positive energy as you can get. Rest up and be well. Totally cheering for you to rock this baby, which I know you will!

  14. You'll get through all of this--no worries. Sorry about all the stress and annoyances though. That customer sounds likes a real douchebag. I hate the ones that expect mind-reading! And the Mexico comment...really? Sometimes a little ranting is just the way to go. :)

  15. Girl, I could tell you so many horror stories about my days as a server. People are the WORST and everyone should have to wait tables once in their life!

    That is hilarious about the swine flu thing, I really do not think I would have held my tongue. Good job with that!

    Yay for race weekend!

    And, it is entirely okay to rant on created it, you can write what you want! Sometimes I wish I could rant about things, but never do...maybe I should start :)

  16. everyone has off days like this, you're not alone! some days just suck.
    if you see the customer again, you should challenge him to a foot race. if he wins, he can tattoo "write it down" on your forehead and when you destroy him, he'd have to stand in the mexican busboys for a month.. for free.