Sunday, April 26, 2009

Embrace the Cheese!

I didn't post yesterday, but I wanted to extend my thoughts to Jenna as her family fights through this tough time in their lives. Life is short, and even shorter for some people for reason we don't understand. I don't know Jenna personally, and I only found her blog through this tragedy, but I hope her family stays strong. With nearly 800 comments on her blog, I hope that she and her family are receiving the support and time they need virtually, physically, and emotionally.

Yesterday I headed down to Chicago to pick up my race packet for the Wisconsin Marathon next weekend. Since they were trying to draw a Chicago crowd to the race (advertising that it was only an hour from Chicago), it made sense to have a pick-up location in Chicago in case people just wanted to drive up Saturday morning without getting a hotel. We're heading up the night before since it's about an hour and fifteen minutes from my house, and that would mean a very early wake-up call in order to get there in time (7 am start!), plus the added stress and everything. Hotel it is.

After navigating the streets of Chicago (which are always a mess), I reached the pick-up location, which was just a running store in Chicago. No expo, no huge crowd, just the three guys who happened to work in the store. This was definitely a huge change from my previous marathons (Marine Corps, Chicago), where you picked up your packet in a giant expo center and then wandered around every running vendor you could ever imagine. I'm a running nerd, so I enjoy doing that quite a bit, but it's nice to experience different things, and maybe I'll really like a smaller marathon. We'll find out soon enough! My packet/goodie bag contained the following loot:

I got a reusable bag, some Shot Bloks, a Hammer Gel (apple cinnamon...I'll probably donate this to the Rocket Scientist or something...I'm not an apple cinnamon fan, let alone in gel form), a bunch of ads for future local races (not pictured), my number, my shoe tag, and my race tshirt that says, "Embrace the Cheese!". Awesome. The race shirt is actually a nice technical shirt, but despite being a size small, it's a bit too big for me. It probably fits a guy who wears a small well, but for us smaller females, not so much!

When I picked up my packet, the running store guy looked up my name and then proclaimed, "540! Your lucky number!" I sure hope so, I told him. (I also wanted to add that 3:40 is my lucky number, but I refrained.)

It's been pouring here since yesterday and is supposed to continue to storm for the next day or two. I'm hoping Mother Nature gets it all out of her system before Saturday! The current forecast looks pretty good:

Saturday, May 2
High: 54 °F RealFeel®: 49 °F
Partly sunny

I would definitely take it! Another rest day for me today as I continue to taper. I worked the upstairs section at work yesterday (I was supposed to work it next Sunday, but any marathoner knows that stairs spell disaster after a marathon, so I switched for this week instead.), so I considered that a mini-workout. Off to enjoy some indoor activities, compliments of the rain! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend, hopefully with some sun!


  1. Looks like good running weather for your marathon! Enjoy your taper week.

  2. Stairs were so awful after my half. In the music building, all our practice rooms are on the 4th floor, and it was painful!

    Good luck with continued marathon prep!

  3. I feel so bad for Jenna! I am happy she is still writing - I hope it helps her.

    I can't wait to pick up my packet! I am so jealous! The shirt looks fun :) I haven't decided if I will wear that, or one of my running outfits. Sometimes I like to wear the race shirt, but I should stick to what I am used to for such a long race.

    I haven't been to a big expo yet, but am excited to see the one at Disney in January! I think it's fun to pick up the packets at a running store I've never been to, because even though I've been to a lot, I still feel like there is always something new there. And the people are always so nice!

    Only 6 more days!!!! That forecast better stay ;)

  4. Oooh - excitement builds!!

    So true about the stairs. I wanted to weep just at the sight of them after my first marathon.

  5. poor Jenna.

    you are going to KICK BUTT next weekend. i don't know what this talk about a 3:40 is. you don't need that lucky number--i'm guessing your is closer to 3:20.


  6. Ooooh nice goodies! I love the shirt!

  7. Oh how fun! Saturday is my birthday but i will definitely find time to run and when i do i will be thinkin' about you and how awesome you're going to do at your marathon! Best of luck!

  8. ahhh!! you're gonna do a marathon!! thats SO exciting :) good luck in training and i LOVE that cheese shirt haha

  9. 3:10 is my lucky number :)

    Hopefully this October...

  10. embrace the cheese = hilarious!

  11. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather stays nice!

  12. I chuckled at the 340 is your lucky number hilarious! Anyway, it seems like the weather will hold up for you so maybe you'll get your lucky number in the marathon. So excited for you. Enjoy your taper and embrace the cheese!

  13. I covet that shirt! Much better than my 'run like a dj' shirt. WTH is that supposed to mean?! :)

  14. Packet pickup a week in advance? Wow! Awesome shirt.

  15. I picked up my packet yesterday. All that was in it was the shirt. They said I could get my bag tomorrow. I am going to be looking for you #540!

    (We are #849 and #850)