Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overheard While Running

This post will be the continuation of my "Overheard While Running" theme, where I share, um, things overheard while running. (I'm so creative, right?) Anyway, the first installment can be found here, and the second is as follows:

I was running one of my usual routes today, and I ran by two elementary school age girls playing outside in their front yard. (Note: It's almost 60 here...people are leaving their homes for reasons other than work, school, or the grocery store.) As I ran by, one of the girls yelled, "Soup for two dollars!! Want some soup?? Two dollars!" This seemed a bit odd, as I've never been offered soup while running. Lemonade, yes. Beer, yes. (That's what I get for running by frat houses.) Soup, no. Lo and behold, the girl was holding a can of soup in her hand. Why anyone, especially someone who is clearly without cash, would want to buy soup from a random house is beyond me. But I've learned throughout the years to not question the logic of eight year olds.

You would think the story would end here, but oh no no no. On my return trip (out-and-backs are my favorite runs), I ran past the same girls. The one girl yelled to the other girl, "Don't bother, she's the one who didn't buy the soup." It sounds as though they had many people take them up on their offer, although I don't quite think that was the case. At any rate, it sounds like the soup stand is now the new lemonade stand.

Run for the day:

Wednesday, April 15 (Happy Tax Day to the accountants of the world!)
5.07 miles in 37:36, avg pace of 7:25

It is GLORIOUS outside, which I know I say whenever I can wear shorts, but it really is. Sunny and in the high 50' is good. Still deciding about the marathons, but luckily the random step back week and taper week number one are quite similar, so I'm buying myself some more time. A decision should be made this weekend...especially since I'm hoping to know more about the job situation this week too.

I can't deal with all these decisions, or the implications of decisions actually being made. Marathon? Two marathons? Moving? Actually being a nurse??? I'm predicting an impending freak out.

Let's distract ourselves with some giveaways:

Julie GoLean is hosting a Kernel Seasons giveaway! Yummmm popcorn!

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  1. Haha, that's funny! Never heard of selling canned soup!!

  2. See now, with 60° weather - if someone was out there selling a nice gazpacho while I was running, I'd be all over it!

    I know - I'm a weirdo :)

  3. Sounds like someone raided their mom's pantry!

  4. That's pretty interesting...soup for $2? I wonder if they'd open it and cook it for you while you go and it'd be ready when you're back...yeah, that'd be SWEET!

    Sixties? I'm still waiting...

    Great run for you. I hope you get good news this weekend.

  5. lol at the soup... sooo random :)

    good luck deciding!! gah i hate when it all piles on at once... no doubt you will make a great decision though!

  6. Soup: In. Lemonade: Out.
    2 Marathons: Yes. Moving away from Illinois: No.

    Okay, all done!

  7. Ya, soup is an odd choice to be selling on the corner! Hope you are able to come to some conclusions on the decisions you are in the process of making.

  8. Haha, I love little kids. They're hilarious.

    The funniest thing I've ever heard on a run was these two people gettin' jiggy in the long grass of a field I was running by. I know it's sounds romantic, but all I could think about was the bugs and bird crap they were probably laying on.

  9. ahhhh...the entrepreneurial spirit! but CANS of soup? not even homemade? that's awesome.

  10. gaahh that is so funny! Now that I have kids, I always feel like I need to buy something when I see others industriously trying to make a buck on the corner. Course, I would have had to buy two cans, one for each hand, because carrying a can in only one arm would have thrown my balance all off....good luck on your decisions!

  11. Kids are so funny...I guess lemonade stands are being replaced, haha.

    It's finally sunny and beautiful here, too! yay!

  12. Hi! Nice pace today. I'm having race dilemmas as well. There's nothing in Texas in the summer.