Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good form!

It was in the 50's today!! So amazing. People were outside walking their dogs, playing basketball, walking around...fantastic! It's nice to see another human face out there while I'm running. I ran by the high school (I run by it a's about a quarter of a mile from my house), and some high schoolers were coming back from lunch (open campus for upperclassmen!), and some guys yelled, "Good form!!" out the window at me. I've never had that yelled at me before, and there's a chance they don't actually know anything about good running form, but I'll take any compliment I can get, so yay. Other odd things I've heard while running:

- A little girl at a park once said, "Daddy, why is she running?" Good question, sometimes I wonder myself!
- I run by a Montessori school sometimes, and during an 18-miler, the teachers were taking the kids out for a walk. So when I ran by, the teachers were like, "Look children, do you see what she's doing? She's exercising!! It's one way to help keep you healthy!" I was tempted to say that I just ran 12 miles and had 6 to go, but I refrained.
- Three men (I'd guess 40-50's) were running, and as I ran by, I believe they were talking about how one of their wives had started toning up and now has a firm butt. I think I heard it correctly...haha.

Any good stories about things yelled at you or things overheard while running? I bet there's some good ones out there!

Run for today! My stomach still feels a little off, although I can't put my finger on what it is. Took the run a little easy as a result.

Thursday, March 5
8.06 miles in 1:05:31, avg pace of 8:08

My mom informed me when she got home from work that she got Fleetwood Mac tickets from a coworker, and she wanted to know if I would go with her I don't know anything about Fleetwood Mac, but I guess I'll learn quick since the concert is tonight! My mom's excited, so it should be good!


  1. Nice pace, as usual! Have fun at the concert tonight :)

  2. Very cute running stories :)
    Thak you for your kind comment on my blog. I aprpeciate the support!

  3. haha its so funny what you hear out running. i will have to pay attention and try to remember some things :)