Thursday, March 26, 2009

Highs and Lows

I failed to mention yesterday that I did yoga for the first time...ever! I downloaded a 20 minute running yoga program from I missed the memo that said that it was classified as "intermediate," which for the record, I am most definitely not. Flexibility is definitely lacking, and sometimes I couldn't get my legs to go half as far as the pictures showed! I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole yoga idea, but I definitely felt like I got a good stretch in after my run.

As noted in the title of this post, here were my highs for the day!

Today was a busy day at work! We've been slow all week so I was really excited to have lots of customers, especially since I opened this morning. The highlight of my day was when I asked an older gentleman who was eating by himself if I could get him anything else for the today, and he responded with, "No, I'm good to go, but definitely keep that smile going all day! It's really wonderful!" I told him that I thank my orthodontist (and my parents for funding the orthodontist) for my smile, but it really made me feel good to hear him say that. The restaurant I work for is HUGE on customer service, and we say the most important part of our uniform is our personality/SMILE. No one wants a grumpy server, so I try my hardest to always be smiling, joking, and fun when I'm interacting with customers. It makes their experience more enjoyable and my job more fun!

But obviously you don't read this to hear all about my days as a server...I ran today too!

Thursday, March 26
10.17 miles in 1:17:35, avg pace of 7:38

I guess I wasn't tired after work! It took a lot of motivation to get out the door, but once I started running I was good to go. I love the feeling that I get after the first couple miles are over, when running feels effortless and I'm really enjoying myself. That's when I remember why I like running so much. I've got twenty miles planned for tomorrow, which will cap my week at 50 miles! Yikes!

And now, for the low of the day!

I got a call from the nurse recruiter who I interviewed with last week, and she said they were finished checking my references and are just waiting to hear what the unit manager wants to do. Hopefully I'll find out soon, but in the meantime, I go from being super excited to being really, really upset. Sometimes I think that it will be fun to move and start living in the "real world," but on the other hand, I like where I am. I like being comfortable and knowing what to expect...and I love love love my parents. I moved back home after college and have lived here all through nursing school, and I know that leaving my parents will be soooo difficult. I feel like a four year old when I say that, but it's so true. My boyfriend is going to have to fly out here to drive me to wherever I end up because I know I won't be able to leave otherwise. I know I'll be fine once I get wherever I am, but I just hate the uncertainty of it all.

Time for some ER! Second to last episode tonight, which is DEFINITELY a low!


  1. Great job on the run. You're a serving, running, smiling machine, and I bet you brighten a lot of diners' days! I don't know how you get out for those runs after a shift, woo. 50-mile weeks+serving! You crazy, lady!

    Moving out of Virginia to Illinois was really hard for me. I was pretty much a crying mess when it was time to do good-byes (and much before that too). I'm sure your parents are so proud of and excited for you, so just keep that in mind with all these big changes!

  2. wooo great job on the run!! I am doing 20 tomorrow too :) sending you good vibes!!!

    its always hard to move away from your parents. I went to college 30 minutes from where I grew up, then after college I moved away. Granted its only 4 hours but still, its hard not being able to see my parents all the time, I miss them! Whatever happens though, it will be a great change and you will do awesome in whatever you decide!