Tuesday, March 3, 2009

24 Hour Sickness of Glory

This weekend was good turned TERRIBLE. I had an awesome run on Saturday...8 miles, it was in the 20's, felt pretty good outside. I ran a little bit of a different route, which is always nice for a change in scenery. I don't have many routes for my long runs, so I actually have a create new ones in order to mix it up a bit. My pace was fantastic, and I never felt tired...even despite the fact that I ran after work! So good.

Saturday, February 28th
8.08 miles in 59:51, avg pace of 7:25

Like I said, fantastic! I think it was a combination of being a good running day and some pent up emotions. I'm extremely frustrated with this whole job situation (or lack thereof), so running was a good outlet.

Sunday I had planned my long run, as I wasn't supposed to work, but on Saturday they asked me if I could be "on call" in case one of the other servers couldn't come in. Of course I said yes since the only way for me to make money is to work! Anyway, I got a call on Sunday morning, and I ended up having to go in. No big deal, I just figured I'd do my run after work...being tired would simulate marathon-type circumstances!

Work was AMAZING on Sunday...I don't remember the last time we were so busy, which means $$$!! The day had a really good flow and I was only overwhelmed once (four of my tables got sat at the same time...hard to be in four places at the same time!). I started feeling kind of funny with about an hour to go, but I figured I was just hungry since I hadn't eaten since before work. However, about fifteen minutes before I left, I felt AWFUL. As in, I needed to get out of there as soon as possible so I wouldn't get sick in the restaurant.

I finished up all my closing stuff and drove home...pulled up to my house and then proceeded to vomit on the front lawn. (TMI?) I couldn't make it inside! I continued to vomit, feel more nauseated than I've ever felt in my entire life, and spike a 103 degree fever for the remainder of the day. Lo and behold, no sixteen mile run for me.

My mom is an art teacher at the elementary school about a half a mile from our house, and she said that kids at school had something just like I was having, and it's one of those 24 hour type things. I don't remember doing this, but I apparently asked to be taken to the hospital at least three times...I like to think I don't complain much when it comes to pain/being sick, but I was really, really miserable. I told my mom that if this is what morning sickness is like, then I'm never having children. (She said it's not nearly that bad...she obviously wants grandkids.)

I spent Monday on the couch watching daytime television (terrible!) and Gilmore Girls, as walking from my bed to the couch made me dizzy. My temperature came back down to normal, and I managed to eat some normal food for dinner. I went into work today for about two hours, and I figured I would see how that went before deciding on running today since I really haven't eaten much in the past two days. I felt a little weak after work, so I decided to play it safe and take one more day off of running, but I should be back at it tomorrow.

It kind of bothers me that I missed the sixteen mile long run this weekend, but in the long run (haha!), I will be just fine for the marathon since I don't plan on making a habit of puking my guts out every weekend! I'll just follow the schedule as usual and put this down as extra rest. Unless anyone has any better ideas that they would be willing to share...

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  1. GI crap leaves you dehydrated, which is a bad running set-up.

    Take it easy, girl!