Monday, March 30, 2009

The closest I will ever get to food blogging

My high hopes for a snow-free day were shattered when I looked outside and saw snow on the ground this morning. It's been slowing melting all day, but it's still here! I'm totally ready for shorts weather, but instead I suited up for another run in tights. At least I'm getting good use out of them?

Monday, March 30
6.06 miles in 49:29, avg pace of 8:10

My legs were definitely tired this morning, so I took it easy. This is a recovery week of 34 miles before going back up to 50 miles next week, so I'm going to listen to my legs and not push too hard this week. Just because the miles are down doesn't mean that I should do them all super fast...recipe for injury! My boyfriend told me that one of his shins really hurt yesterday on his 20 miler, and it still hurts today. He's hoping it's not a shin splint, but he's going to have his athletic-trainer-to-be brother take a look at it tonight. Crossing my fingers it's just a little pang that goes away with a day off!

In other news, I wanted to share an excellent find this weekend! Take a look:

I *love* animal crackers and Teddy Grahams!! Especially the chocolatey chip flavor, which is really hard to find around me! I have to go to Walmart to get the animal crackers, and they usually carry the Teddy Grahams as well, but they didn't have any on my recent trip! Since I'm all about the small things in life, I was a little sad about this! I told one of my friends, who happened to be visiting her grandparents in Wisconsin at the time. She stopped by the grocery store and found me three boxes!! My dad also found two more boxes at a grocery store around here that carries them sometimes, so now I'm all stocked up!

Okay, now you all know my inner five year old...


  1. I love those teddy grahams, too! I also liked the chocolate chip Annie's Graham Bunnies. Maybe you can find them around you?

  2. Teddy Grahams? Yes, please!

    I'm starting to think that our best bet in Chicago is to wait till the afternoon to work out. It's gorgeous out right now!

  3. Mmmmm... now here's a food blog post I'm 100% with!

  4. I enjoy teddy grahams as well. Hope your boyfriends shins check out ok.

  5. Mmm, I love Teddy Grahams too, though I feel kind of bad about eating the poor anthropomorphic bears.

    I hope your boyfriend's shin feels better soon!

    And I definitely want to come eat at your restaurant soon. I'll comment on what great legs you have, and you can tell me that you're a runner!

  6. Haha, love the secret Teddy Grahmns obsession. I can't judge though because I eat Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles on a regular basis. I may even do the games on the back of the box.. :D

    BTW, snow?? wtf!

    Oh, and was that you that asked about Facebook? You can find me by searching for Ironman Arizona, I'm like the first person that comes up (I just discovered this! Pretty funny). Email me at runningstories at yahoo if you can't find me. :)