Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It was in the 40's here today!! It's supposed to continue through the weekend into the 50's, which is AMAZING. Can't wait for spring and especially SUMMER. I wore shorts today, which is fantastic. First run after the vomit attack this stomach still feels a little off, but nothing major so I just took it easy. I was more worried about being dehydrated and/or feeling the residual effects of not eating as much the past couple days...but it ended up being just fine.

Wednesday, March 4
4.04 miles in 34:00, avg pace of 8:25

I ran past my high school today, and both the guys' and girls' track teams were out on the track. They were doing plyometrics all over the track and stretching using the fences and everything, and I was reminded of my high school track (and cross country!) days. I really miss running with a team!! We always ran in two lines, side-by-side, and most of the time people had their same position in the pack, which is funny since we all went the same pace except for workouts and such. Also, at least for me, running speed workouts is much easier when you have someone else telling what to do, when to start/stop, how far you're going, and when you have people who are doing them with me. Granted, I don't actually do so-called "speed workouts" myself, but when I've tried to start them in the past, I've lacked motivation.

I also wonder what the high schoolers (or any other runners, actually) think when I run by them. Do I look slow? Fast? Like I shouldn't be wearing tights? haha...kidding! As a side note, I do notice that cars are much more likely to honk during the summer when I tend to run sans shirt. Hmmmmmm.

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  1. YAYYYY for a shorts run!! :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Come on Summer!!