Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100% Over Winter...

Last night it was 60 degrees, and I went out to dinner without even throwing on a jacket. I figured it would be great weather for my run this morning, but oh no no no, mother nature had a different plan up her sleeve. I woke up to a windy 17 degrees ("feels like 2")...what?? I'm totally over this winter thing. We were teased with the 60 degrees, and then the carpet got pulled out from under us. 17 degrees probably would have been okay, but the wind was awful...I had tears in my eyes! But alas, nine miles are over and done with, so life goes on...not that I ever thought it wouldn't.

Wednesday, March 11
9.08 miles in 1:12:14, avg pace of 7:58

My legs are actually kind of sore...I'm assuming leftover from the 17 miles on Monday. They feel pretty good, although a little tired, while running, but when I'm walking around in general they feel kind of tight. I'll throw some stretching in tonight to see if that helps at all.

In other news, I received a random flyer in the mail today, advertising exercise physiology/athletic training/coaching textbooks. I have no clue why it was mailed to me, but the odd part is that I've been thinking about finding some books on exercise physiology or some sort of personal training. I've always been interested in health (I wanted to be a doctor before I decided to go the nursing route), but I think that the key to health is prevention (hence my nutrition interest and therefore degree in dietetics). That is, instead of how we currently deal with disease in America, which is mainly trying to fix the problem after it's too late. I have no clue quite how to combine all my interests or what I actually want to do with them...Public health? Developing wellness programs? Yet to be determined...especially since I secretly want to open an ice cream/cupcake shop. Although I suppose that's not a secret anymore...


  1. You are putting in some quality miles! I'm just about fed up with Winter! It's back here, too.

  2. My legs get tight during big mileage weeks (they are tight right now)... a hot bath or a hot tub then stretching them out always makes them feel so much better!

  3. Great job on the run. The weather has been crazy! Hope you figure out the direction you want to go in. Public health would be a good fit.