Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little running, LOTS of giveaways!

Back in the swing of things! It's always weird readjusting to a home schedule after you've been gone, even if it's only for a few days. This is most likely because I put off things such as unpacking! Work has been slow the past two days, but I'm hoping it will pick up for my shift on Thursday. Arriving at work at 5:30am and then not having making customers really doesn't help fight the fatigue!

Good runs the past two days...Here's what I did!

Monday, March 23
5.03 miles in 38:33, avg pace of 7:40

Tuesday, March 24
10.08 miles in 1:17:07, avg pace of 7:39

My route on Monday was one of my favorite routes that I haven't done in awhile because I haven't had many five milers on the schedule. I add two little extensions to a four mile route in order to make it five miles, but my mind still thinks I'm only going four, so it doesn't seem very far! It's kind of crazy that five miles is my "easy" day...not because I think five miles is far, but because all the other days are much longer! 50 miles this week, which is a high for me...hopefully I end this week strong!

This morning was a good run...woke up, ate peanut butter and banana toast, and hit the road. If I get the job I interviewed for last week (trying not to jinx myself!), this could be more of my routine. The job is for a 3-11pm shift, so I could wake up and get my run in right away. Of course, I'd have to resist the urge to sleep in since I don't have to be anywhere til the afternoon, but once I got a schedule going I think it would work out well. I didn't realize how fast I was running until I looked at my watch and saw 7:30 miles! These longer mid-week runs are kind of like impromptu speed workouts for me, which I think is good since there's no actual speed work built into my schedule. I'm definitely going to add it in for my next marathon, but this time I wanted to concentrate more on just running higher mileage. (Higher for me...it's all relative!)

I'm excited to catch the Biggest Loser tonight! I've never tried to lose weight (...or I've never had any weight to lose), but it's so inspiring watching them do it the healthy way!

Giveaways Galore!

Visit Angela at Oh She Glows for a Pom Wonderful Giveaway!

Visit Julie at Julie GoLean for Julie's Favorite Things Giveaway!

Head over the Danica's Daily for a giveaway of Annie's Products!

Want to try Barney Butter? Head over to The Hungry Yogini!

Mix My Granola over at Foods That Fit if you want to create your own mix!

I think that covers my giveaway links for the day...crossing my fingers for my chance to win something!


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I am a nurse and runner as well!!!

  2. HI Susan,

    Look at you go with all the running. I am going to have to check back for some running inspiration.

    Thanks for the product giveaway shout out!

  3. awesome job on the speeeedy runs!!

    that sounds like an awesome schedule to me :)

  4. Never tried to lose weight...that is SO good. You may be the only person I know who ever said that. That is so healthy and great, I'm jealous.

  5. Great job on the run! I'm crossing my fingers for you on the job!

  6. Wow those are some really awesome speedy runs! Nice job!