Thursday, April 16, 2009

TIaRT: Running Blogs

My first Take It and Run Thursday from Runners Lounge! This week's theme is Running Blogs: How and Why?

I'm fairly new to the running blog world, as I started about four months ago, and some people have been around for years! I'm not a blogging newbie, as I had a livejournal in college, where I loved being a part of various communities (running, medical, nursing, food, cupcakes, etc). It was fun to read about other people's running questions, race reports, and daily adventures in running, and I liked to share what I did in life with other people as well. Most of my readers were just friends who happened to know that I had the LJ (I didn't even call it a blog!), but it was still fun because, um, who doesn't like to talk about themselves?? I was introduced to the blogging community outside of livejournal when I stumbled across the Runner's World forums and people had links to their blogs in their signatures. What do runners like to do when they're not running? Talk about running! So of course I thought it was awesome that people posted about their daily runs, what food they eat, what races they ran, etc.

After reading blogs for a couple years (and spotting some bloggers at the Chicago Marathon...I felt like I "knew" them!), I decided to start my own. I wasn't quite sure people would be all that interested in my running, but I like to read about other people's adventures, so I figured people would like to read about mine! That, and I was really excited to join the running blog community. After reading some blogs for awhile, I realized how supportive (and awesome!) it must be to "know" runners around the country (and world!). I wanted to get to know these people who I've been reading about! Although I've only been in the running blog world for a short time, it's been amazing! I've learned about recovery socks and new foods (Greek smoothies...more bars than you would ever imagine), wallowed about the weather/been envious of people in other parts of the country, and started to connect with other runners, getting excited to see how their training pays off in races. Marathons/races are started to come up, and it will be so fun to read races reports from people who I've been following. Also, it's exciting to have people comment and realize that other people are listening to you and care about your running.

I'm sooo glad to be a part of the running blog community, and I hope I can contribute my part to this great group of runners!


Rest day for me! The weather is always AWESOME on my rest days, it makes me think I should take them more often so the weather will be gorgeous all the time! But I guess I'll keep on running...

The boyfriend arrives for a weekend visit tomorrow! No plans yet, other than heading to my place of work to get some pancakes! Yummy. :)


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  1. Glad you'd joined the running nurse blogger ranks :)

  2. Yay, I think your blog is awesome. I love reading about your speedy runs. It's really motivating!

    Maybe one day we can finally meet up, and know each other inside and outside the blogosphere!

  3. I'm glad you started blogging! It's fun having another former Terp running blogger out there!

  4. I really enjoy reading about your speedy runs and thoughts about running so I'm glad you're part of this blogging community!

  5. Love the blog supportive, and I feel like I have a ton of new friends everywhere!

    Glad you are a part of the community! :-)

  6. I found your blog today. I am a beginning runner and try to surround myself with winners. I look forward to many more blogs to come

  7. I am glad you started a blog :) Right now, you are the only "running blog" I really read, but I'd love to read more so I'll have to check out your blogroll :) I'm not really a "runner" yet but when I read about other people's runs (like yours!) I get inspired to train more!

  8. Yay!! It's really amazing how much of a community it becomes, isn't it? This along with the RW online forum community (they do overlap a lot)...I feel like I've made so many friends.

  9. Glad you joined the RB community and I love reading your posts!

  10. so glad you joined the community :)

  11. Glad you started blogging! I've really enjoyed reading yours:)