Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's all about the Benjamins...

Or, in my case, it's all about the Benjamin. No plural. To elaborate on this, it was ABSOLUTELY INSANELY CRAZY at work today. I forgot that it was Palm of those days when people who don't go to church all year head to church and then out to breakfast, or those who are weekly church goers head out to breakfast as a treat. We had a half an hour wait time from about 9 am to 1:30 pm (we stop seating at 2 pm), and it was a madhouse. Just when I thought I was caught up with everything, eight more things popped up that needed to be done. And everyone was just as busy as I was. I haven't the faintest idea how we made it through the day.

However, the glorious part about running your butt off all day is that you make lots of money! In this case, I ended up bringing home a hundred dollar bill. (We can turn in smaller bills for bigger bills...I didn't actually get a $100 tip, although that would be amazing.) Yes, money is money and there's a crease down Ben's face, but it's kind of exciting to have a hundred dollar least until I head to the bank. Also, they will hate me less at the bank because I won't have eight million ones that need to be counted, which usually takes at least three tries because the money counter machines (I have no clue what the official name is) are kind of finicky.

Sidenote: I've never actually had eight million ones. That would be a bit extreme.

Sidenote number two: Feel free to share your jokes about jobs that get paid in single dollar bills. My friends enjoy making fun of me for this.

Lo and behold, I didn't necessarily feel like running when I got home, but I shoved my mouth full of animal crackers and headed out the door. We're supposed to get snow overnight (actually, it's coming down in volumes as we speak), but I was lucky enough to have sleet for the first half of my run and snow for the second half. In case you were wondering, sleet really hurts! I felt like I was getting pelted with sharp objects...not so fantastic. The sleet was aided by the wind which was blowing nice and hard. In general, it was a really greet day to be running...okay, maybe not. The fact that I didn't really feel like running and the terrible weather led to a fast run, as I wanted to get home and into sweatpants.

Sunday, April 5
5.07 miles in 37:15, avg pace of 7:21
Last mile: 6:40. I really had to go to the bathroom.

Another fifty mile week coming up, and I'm hoping that none of the runs will have to be done in the snow. That's not looking too likely, as we're supposed to get two to four inches overnight. Are any of you meteorologists? I could really use some spring right about now...


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  1. Oh my gosh! You are so hardcore to run in the horrible weather. I hope spring comes back soon!

  2. Running in sleet? Geez...that's impressive. The pace was pretty good too! Seems like you're training is going very well. Congrats on the good run...and of course, congrats on the Benjamin!

  3. Awesome run!! You're so speedy and even speedier when you have to pee!

    I am so glad that you're also in Illinois and can sympathize about this RIDONCULOUS weather. Driving home from Chicago took years off my life--I was so stressed! Blaaah!

  4. Great run! Way to get out there after a busy day on your feet and in sleet! Hope the snow doesn't stay too long.

  5. Yea sleet would have kept me inside! Props to you for getting out there and getting your run done!

  6. hope the weather gets better for you this week!! great job running as usual :)