Thursday, April 2, 2009

The end of an era...

I may shed some tears tonight. The SERIES finale of ER is on, and it's a show I've been watching faithfully every Thursday night since 1994. My college roommate and I once made each other "Why I love you" lists, and one of her reasons was, "The room is SILENT from 10-11pm on Thursday nights." Don't talk when I'm watching ER!! One of my friends brought me bootleg copies of seasons 1-6 from China (complete with Chinese subtitles...). Safe to say, most people know it's my favorite TV show. I don't know what I will do on Thursday nights from now on. Luckily, tonight I have three hours of screen time to say goodbye to my beloved ER.

Sidenote: I was so distracted, I just stuck my hand in the peanut butter I was eating with my snack...sticky!)

I'm curious to see how they wrap everything up. Many of the old characters are supposed to make an appearance, so that should be fun! You should all tune in...the fun starts at 7pm central time!

It was supposed to run all afternoon (only a five second drizzle so far...), so I got my run in before work. I'm definitely a sleeper, so I've been impressed with myself for getting up and running before work so often! The only difficult part is that my legs aren't already warmed up from serving, so it takes a mile or two for my legs to wake up! This is evidenced by my run today:

Thursday, April 2
6.07 miles in 45:19, avg pace of 7:28

Average for first three miles: 7:49
Average for last three miles: 7:10, with my last mile being 6:53...and it felt pretty comfortable!

Let me know if you're an ER-addict like me! Or, let me know which TV show you would be really sad to see end!


  1. It's 3 hours?? Wowzers! I might check it out.

  2. I used to watch but stopped a few years ago. I also used to live in Chitown and they filmed a scene in my apartment building one weekend. There was a dry cleaners on the ground level (on Wells, just South of North - right by Bistro Margot and across from The Fireplace) and it was shot with Mekhi Phifer. I got my picture taken with him!

    Lord, I miss Chicago.

    Great job on the runs. I miss the lakefront soooo much.

  3. Ummm...I'm an off-an-on ER addict. I like all the medical talk because I understand most of it, but when the relationship drama stories drag on and on, then I tend to lose interest. Om a similar note, I love Grey's Anatomy because it reminds me what it felt to be an intern/resident...minus all the sleeping around.

    Hope you enjoy your show!

  4. just found your blog and love it! that nike quote is right on.

  5. I've seen ER maybe once or twice, but it used to freak me out when I was little, so I never got in the habit of watching it. I can't believe it has been on that long!

    Great run. Your comfortable pace is so fast!

  6. I use to love ER back in the day. I can't believe it has been on for so long. Hope the finale didn't let you down.

  7. We watched it until last year. I'd be heartbroken if the cancel "Chuck"

  8. i haven't watched, but just wanted to say hi and WOW you are fast :) i am adding you to my blog reader & roll!